What You Need To Know About Green Coffee

As a follow up to our article on ‘fat around the abdomen’, we are bringing you yet another great seed – Green Coffee Beans – which has great health benefits that you should know.

Weight gain has been linked to diseases that are, ordinarily, preventable – cardiovascular disease and diabetes – which sadly, are  leading in the list of causes of deaths that we have these days.

After our article on the need for people with belly fat to lose it, we have received several responses that now required that we bring to your knowledge several other research-proven seeds that could help address fat in the body and control weight gain.

Green Coffee Beans is increasingly becoming more popular, with several researches carried out to ascertain its potency.

Health Benefits Of Green Coffee

Science Direct in its Journal of Functional Foods highlighted that green coffee showed great result when it was tested on rats and a few findings were made which this article is highlighting.

Green coffee has Chlorogenic acid which is one component that works wonders in the seed, but it works better when it is not roasted.

Some of the benefits of green coffee identified by one of the latest researches  are that it could;

1. Improve Heart Health

If there is one organ in the body that needs so much protection, it is the heart and that is why the scripture says it must be guided with all diligence.

There has been an increase in the number of deaths caused by heart related diseases and many physicians have said that fat deposits contribute to the reason the heart could stop pumping fine, age and then shutdown.

The study findings read: “Green coffee attenuated body weight, systolic blood pressure, inflammation in the heart and liver and diastolic stiffness without improving glucose sensitivity or plasma lipids.

“We suggest that chlorogenic acids, trigonelline and diterpenoids in green coffee attenuate diet-induced abnormalities in heart and liver”.

The researchers further stressed in the study that “as coffee is one of the most accepted beverages in the world, green coffee has the potential to be developed as a safe dietary supplement to manage blood pressure”.

2. Green Coffee Could Promote Weight Loss

A popular doctor, Dr. Oz, had in one of his shows some years back endorsed green coffee and emphasised that could burn fat fast.

Losing weight could be a difficult monster to handle especially when habit has got to die for freedom from overweight to come.

Changing diet could be a very difficult thing for people and the slow speed at which weight accumulated in years drops off is something that troubles those who try to lose weight. This has also resulted in some of them returning to their lifestyle.

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But the Journal of Functional Food report showed that green coffee beans could also burn fat and

According to the research by the Australians, rats that received the green coffee exhibited less body weight gain and closer-to-normal systolic blood pressure.

3. Improve Liver Health (Anti-aging Agent)

The liver is the organ that is also responsible for detoxification, protein synthesis, and the production of chemicals that help digest food.

It has been said that “you are what you digest”.

This organ is vital for us to maintain a healthy life and green coffee beans have showed potency in addressing risk of liver inflammation.

This activity is why the green coffee has been identified as an anti-aging agent. It is something that is highly recommended for older people, but researchers emphasised that the extracted coffee, which is usually without caffeine, give a better result.

4. Good For Diabetics (Blood Sugar Control)

Green Coffee Beans are good for people that are diabetic, as it helps to control blood sugar level.

A research published by NCBI showed that green coffee lowered glucose levels, which, in turn, may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The study showed “that green coffee bean extract significantly reduces visceral fat-pad accumulation and improves insulin resistance in mice fed the HFD at a minimum effective dose of 0.3% supplementation”.

This green coffee is good for you if you are battling weight, diabetes, high blood pressure or liver related issues.

Kindly note that this article is not meant to replace the need for proper medical examination and diagnoses before green coffee beans intake is employed.

Also note that it is highly recommended that this coffee like every other coffee contains caffeine and this is why it is better to take content extracted without the caffeine or be guided by a nutritionist or health coach while taking the beans without extraction.

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