All Health Benefits Of Goron Tula

Goron Tula is good for vagina cleansing and tightening

These are the health benefits of Goron Tula as identified by research.

Goron Tula (Hausa) is a miracle fruit that is sometimes referred to as African chewing gum.

It has been used to address infertility, cleansing and tightening of the vagina. There are testimonies.

The fruit is a genus of 13 flowering shrubs in the Hibiscus family and it is also known as Thespesia, Silky Kola or Azanza Garckeana.

However, this article is not about the origin of the tree and species.

But it is about the health benefits that the fruit offers everyone who eats it.

Goron Tula is growing in popularity and this is because of its health benefits which have been identified by researches which were quoted in this article.

Health Benefits Of Goron Tula

The fruit also called snot apple is very edible.

Chewed and whole goron tula fruits

It is mostly found in Tula, a community in Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State and Michika, a community in Adamawa State.

Both communities are in northern Nigeria.

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According to a research by Alfred Maroyi published on Science Alert, Goron Tula(Azanza Garckeana) is also traditionally used to treat or manage at least 22 human diseases and ailments”.

Above all, the research identified the components of this miracle fruit and they include; alkaloids, amino acids, ascorbic acid, carotenoids, cyanogenic glucosides and flavonoids.

Others are “lipids, phenols, saponins and tannins have been isolated from Azanza garckeana.


Azanza garckeana, indicate that the species has a wide range of pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, antifungal, antihyperglycemic, antimalarial, antioxidant and iron absorption”.

According to the research, the seeds are used as herbal medicine for diseases and ailments.

As a result of these compounds, the fruit could do a lot and here are some of its health benefits.

1.       Boosts Libido

People experiencing lowered libido, as a result of stress or other health conditions, can try this great fruit.

2.       Goron Tula Helps In Vagina Cleansing, Lubrication And Tightening

The fruit has been recommended for Women who find it hard to reach orgasm.

It helps in lubrication of the vagina, a research stated.

The miracle fruit is also used in the cleansing of the vagina.

Women douche on it – burn the chaff after chewing it and douche on the smoke.

Its vagina cleansing effect happens while that process is on.

You can also add it to hot water and allow the steam to penetrate the vagina.

It also tightens the vagina and your can read more about that here.

3.       Addresses Chest pains

4.        Treats Cough

5.        Goron Tula And Fertility

One of the areas in Nigeria where this fruit is highly consumed is the north.

This is one of the reasons you can rarely find couples who do not have children in the area, one of the farmers told So Health Nigeria.

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6.        Tackles Liver problems

This miracle fruit contains antioxidants one of which is carotenoids and this helps in detoxifying the body system. This boosts the liver and helps it clean your system.

7.       Addresses Menstruation problems

8.       Addresses Sexually Transmitted Infections

9.       Prevents Cancer

This is also possible because of the antioxidants in the fruit. They help fight anti-bodies that may damage cells in your body. See more information on on the role of carotenoids in human health.

10.     Lowers Blood Sugar (for diabetics)

11.     Prevents High Blood Pressure

Tannins in Goron Tula have also been reported to exert other physiological effects onhumans.

It helps accelerate blood clotting, reduce blood pressure, decrease the serum lipid level and produce liver necrosis.

This component also helps modulate immunoresponses. However, the dosage and kind of tannins are critical to these effects.

Helps Eye Sight

Although not captured, this miracle fruit also plays a role in helping your eyesight.

Why Goron Tula Works

Most importantly, the antibacterial, antifungal, antihyperglycemic, antimalarial, antioxidant and iron absorption properties in the fruit have made it widely recommended for people who are waiting to conceive.

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Because Goron Tula performs this function, its fruit could be used as a fertility enhancer.

Saponins In Goron Tula

One of the components of this fruit is saponins. This compound exhibits antimicrobial properties that guard your body against fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Also, they improve immune function by stimulating the production of T-cells.

Additionally, they act as antioxidants and scavenge oxidative stress.

Also, a research published on Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare suggests that the use of the fruit should be encouraged amount women who are waiting to conceive.

Researchers believe it will minimise the dependence on synthetic drugs as fertility enhancing agents.


More so, the research confirmed that this miracle seed contains pharmacological activities such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-malarial, antioxidant and iron absorption.

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Daily Trust also quoted a nutritionist, Miss Chidera Ezenwafor, as saying that Goron Tula is a miracle seed.

The nutritionist said the fruit could also assist in improving bowel movement and ease digestion.

According to her, Goron Tula improves the body immune system.

How Healthy Living Can Help You Operate In The Supernatural

Interestingly, Goron Tula is safe for consumption across all ages.

How To Use Goron Tula

You can chew the flesh of the fruit raw, after extracting the seed.

Also, you can soak the fruits in a small amount of water to make jelly. When it is soft, it is easier to chew.

Similarly, the miracle fruit could be boiled and used as relish or made into porridge.

Where To Buy Goron Tula

One of the places you can buy goron tula in and one of them is So Health Nigeria.

So Healthy’s goron tula fruits are directly from Gombe State and they come in fresh.

We have a way of preserving the fruit to make sure that the juice is intact and that you enjoy it when you eat it.

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  1. We have plenty of trees of this fruit and I didn’t know it’s benefits. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for spending time to read our content. You can also let us know other topics you will love us to write about and we will research and write about them.

    • Really? I have been looking everywhere for it. How can I reach you if I want some?😟

    • Well, we have seen Goron Tula powder made from the seeds, but we have not conducted research on it. We also know that people eat the seeds which is a little bitter and this must also support the claims by researchers that Goron Tula controls blood sugar level. So, by choice, the seed could be eaten.

    • There is really no prescription and that is one of the issues that traditional medicines have. The quantity will also depend on the issue being treated and body system. It is a seed and the way most of these seeds are, the law of diminishing utility, which was added to man’s taste, will make you never exceed a safe limit.

  2. Can the chaff of the goron tula fruit be burnt with charcoal ? Also what type of diseases does the goron tula seed cures?

  3. A friend ‘s menstrual pain disappeared after she ate this gorontula; it’s really a miraculous fruit.

    • Thank you so much for this testimonial. We are very delighted to here this. It is one of the numerous testimonials that we have received on this fruit.

      • Can goron tula be taken alongside synthetic drugs? A sister is on some fertility drugs and we heard of goron tula. Can she take it with the drugs she’s on presently, or she would have to stop?

        • We do not think it will be harmful to use both. But we know that only goron tula can boost her fertility. Our health coach is also a fertility expert and you can reach her on WhatsApp through – +2347061120963.

          She has lots of testimonies of women who have tried several years now pregnant. It is her calling and God has been awesome, working wonders with just food and supplements.

  4. Please I bought it but I don’t know how to use it…I peel it but I saw a seed inside which is very strong…but I don’t know if I’m chewing the seed inside or the whole flesh of the goron tula? Please help direct me …tnx

    • Discard the seeds and eat the fruit. The outter one . The harder one inside is the seed

    • Thank you Naomi for your comment. We are happy to hear from you. The seed is not to be eaten. Kindly discard it, soak the flesh or pulp in warm water and then eat it once it is soft.

  5. Thanks so much for the write ups. Is there any herbs for elevated prolactin? pls l really want to know ,is urgent. Thanks

    • Please, speak with our Health Coach on +2347061120963 (WhatsApp). She will help you resolve the prolactin issues

    • Thank you for reaching out to us and for your comment on our article on Goron Tula. Kindly speak with our health coach on 07061120963 (WhatsApp chat too). She will be able to give you a better natural remedy for your ailment. Thank you.

  6. Ok please does it aid ovulation, what if you just want to use it to have fun with your spouse. Not to get pregnant and you are aware of your body, you know when you are ovulating already, Does it affect your ovulation or changes your ovulation days.

    • It is not expected to alter ovulation because it is natural fruit. It will make your vagina wet and sweet (like everyone who uses it testifies). If you understand your body very well, you will know when you are ovulating and be careful, because your body will be highly fertile since you use goron tula. Any small thing, ‘you don get belle be that’ (you are pregnant). We hope this answers your question.

  7. Hello,
    Your exposé on goron Tula was really enlightening. I would want to know how many seeds one has to take to help treat severe menstrual pain. It tears me apart to see my daughter in pain during that time of the month. I live in Benin city, Nigeria and I would love to know how much it will cost me to get some. Thanks

    • Thank you for your comment, Nduka. There is no dosage when it comes to natural fruits, but the way God made them, you cannot eat excess of it before you the law of diminishing utility sets in. You can use it for menstrual pain relief and we can tell you that we have received several testimonies to that effect. There are other products that you can also use which our Health Coach could talk to you about if you chat with her on WhatsApp on +2347061120963. She will be delighted to hear from you. Kind regards.

  8. How long does gorontula takes to work, if I want to meet my fiancé today and want to be super wet, do I take it today or a day before goin to see him?

  9. For someone that is suffering from lack of menstruation can it help bring back menses?

    • Yes. That is one of the ways to extract the juice. A pregnant woman can also take it. Just don’t eat in excess. one fruit should be divided. But why would you need to eat it if you are pregnant already?

  10. I just finished taking 2 balls of GORONTULA,, is it going to start working for me immediately especially when am mating with my husband??

  11. How long does it take gorontula to work for low libido and vigena dryness please

  12. My husband is out of the country and he will be back in December, please can I be talking the gorontula from now till he returns in December? Please I need an answer🙏

  13. Please I have two kids already and did family planning, now I’ve been trying to conceive again but to no avail due to the effect of the family planning that I did. Now can Goron Tula neutralize the effect of the family planning and help me conceive?

    • Thank you for your comment. There are some things we will like to know about the family planning you did. What type did you adopt? That will enable us tell if Goron Tula can help or not.

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