3 Joint Pain Exercise Techniques Experts Recommend For Maximum Result

squatting exercise

Have you ever wanted to walk some distance and then you remembered that joint pain that is so excruciating?

It is usually a painful experience, but often, they are as a result of age, less activity, arthritis, previous injuries, the strain of repetitive movements and posture problems.

There are few exercises that have been recommended by experts at Harvard Medical School and you should try them before joint pain would rob you of the pleasures of life.

Experiencing this kind of pain could make you want to avoid the motions that cause them and sadly, this becomes a burden on your shoulders, as humans are really moving beings.

The medical school recommends that the right exercises performed properly can be a long-lasting way to subdue ankle, knee, hip, or shoulder pain.

“For some people, the right exercise routine can even help delay or side step surgery,” the experts wrote.

You do not have to express worries that the exercise could exacerbate the pain.

Your fears are genuine, but the recommended exercises will not strain the joints.

Exercises That Relief Joint Pain

You can begin with gentle, targeted joint workouts with a simple walking routine.

It is, however, recommended that your doctor should advise you each time you want to begin a new exercise programme.

These simple stretching tips are important to any workout, the medical school added.

1. Do Warm Up Exercises First

Do some form of muscles stretches. These help to warm up your body before the main workout exercise.

Taking a warm shower or bath is also recommended, as it is believed to help relax your muscles.

2. Avoid Feeling Pain

You must not stretch to the point of pain.

The recommendation is that you stretch only to the point of mild tension. The moment you begin to feel pain, that is the time to stop.

This form of exercise is not something that your body is used to and this requires that you give it time for your body to adapt and regain flexibility.

Ensure that you also breathe comfortably when stretching.

3. Exercise Often

Your joint pain will begin to give way the more you repeat the gentle stretching. You can do it several times a day and as many days of the week as possible.

Some exercises recommended are swimming, cycling, lying with your back and cycling, squatting, walking and yoga movements among others.

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