8 Natural Ways Of Fighting Cold

natural ways of treating cold

June is here and the heat is gradually fading away for cold that is beginning to leave children and adults with running nose.

It is not unusual for people to come down with cold because of the change in season that climaxes at this time.

Many people do not know that June and other months in the rainy season could be a walk-over without cold or flu.

One good thing about the change in season is that it is a set time and does not come upon anyone like the Holy Spirit.

Everyone knows this period is a period of rain and cold, but not many are usually prepared for it.

To stay strong and healthy through the period you need your body to be at optimum level.

People who live in coastal states, including Lagos (Nigeria’s commercial city), are usually most affected and should guard against the cold that is setting in.

The first few days of heavy rain in the year has presented us with stormy situations, which were all a warning of what is to come.

Natural Ways Of Fighting Cold

This stormy weather has been attributed to the change in climate, as a result of humans’ activities.

Fence damaged by storm in Lagos

The cloudy days that are also without rain have also left many cold and needing to warm their body.

Cold is so contagious that when a child takes it to school, other children, whose immune system are low, stand a greater chance of taking it home to their parents.

Here are ways you can help yourself and your children stay strong and able to go through this cold period without coming down with flu.

1.  Power-up Your Immune System

The immune system is everyone’s defence, but when it is weak, it would not be able to fight bacteria.

Oranges citrus good for cold

Citrus is rich in Vitamin C which boosts immune system

Power-up your immune system and that of your children with immune boosting fruits – Citrus (Oranges, Lime, Lemon).

Taking lemon and honey in warm water in the morning and at night can help the body build a fence against cold.

These fruits are rich in Vitamin C that boost immune system to be able to fight against cold and bacteria infection.

You can also grate ginger and garlic into warm water and take.

This could also bring relief if the individual had come down with cold.

There is just an easy way of knowing fruits or vegetables that build immune system.

Just look out for brightly colored fruits and vegetables like berries, kiwi, apples, red grapes, kale, onions, spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots.

2. Exercise Regularly

exercise often to fight cold

Workouts are good for cold

Workouts that will make us sweat are great ways of removing toxins in the body that could lower immune system.

The heat that is built in the body during exercise helps to fight cold.

3. Reduce Intake Of Sugar (Carbonated Drinks)

Processed sugar is one substance that anyone who wants a strong immune system that could withstand the weather should avoid.

Eating or drinking too much sugar could affect the immune system because of the power of sugar to kill cells that attack bacteria in the body, a research by NCBI showed.

Yoghurt boosts positive bacteria

Take unsweetened Yoghurt instead of sweetened drinks

Instead of taking sweetened drinks at this time, consume food that are rich in anti-bacteria (ginger, garlic, cloves, and the likes) and then go for probiotics-rich drinks (unsweetened yoghurt).

4. Reduce Intake Of Saturated Fat

This season we are stepping into is a time to reduce the intake of saturated fat which are in red meat, some vegetable oils, and some other things that we eat daily.

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Nigerians do not read labels in items before they buy them and this is a bad habit.

Forming the habit of reading labels now will really save you from a lot of health issues if you are part of that gang who don’t.

5. Get Enough Rest

Rest is something that everyone in coastal states needs to increase at this time.

Workers in Lagos State who could hardly boast of 7 hours sleep in a day should cut down on activities in the weekend.

Make that period a time to rest.

bed for rest

Getting a good rest will help the body fight cold

You need your body to be able to hustle, so give it rest for a little time. You can request for a few days off and ensure you rest.

6. Use Essential Oils

One essential oil that helps in fighting cold is Eucalyptus Oil.

Add few drops of the oil into hot water in a bowl and inhale the steam with your eyes closed.

This brings so much relief.

You can also drop Tea Tree Oil in your liquid air freshener when you apply it in your home.

7. Stay Hydrated

Water intake is one thing that does much good to the body and taking warm water often whenever the weather changes is not a bad idea.

Sorry that you have to let go of the cold water habit, but it should be a thing of joy to you.

It could be an avenue for you to drop the habit totally and just replace it with taking water that is at room temperature.

8. Wear Clothes That Warm The Body

Having air conditioners in your office is necessary, but this is just a time to turn it off or increase the temperature.

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If it is necessary that the air conditioners must be left turned on, ensure that you take your cardigan to work often.

Check inside that your box and draw out the cardigan because the days ahead will be really, really cold.

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