Men’s Sex Life: How Not To Be A 2-Minute Man

Last long in sex and do not be a 2-minute man

John’s relationship is shaking because he could not tang along during sex and allow his woman to reach orgasm.

The most he stays on her is two minutes and she is not happy.

Once he ejaculates, he lies there like a log of wood and not even someone who sells sex (experts in sex) could wake his penis from its flat state.

This situation has made her unhappy, as she does not know what orgasm feels like. He has never taken her there.

The funny thing is that John is not alone in this matter.

Help Your Woman Reach Orgasm

This is an issue that has resulted in divorce even here in Nigeria and more will happen in years to come.

They are not happy that they do not get that orgasm experience.

There are few things that John could have done, but one thing that must not be done is to take beer and expect that it will hold ejaculation.

Far from it! It is like taking ice cream before sex and hoping to perform well as a man.

When it is not a quickie, you should spend some time and help your woman reach orgasm before you ejaculate.

The shocking truth is that the time a man spends on a woman, if it was not propelled by a drug, is far less than what women expect it to be. YES!

When a popular actress called her estranged husband a 2-minute man, it sounded so belittling, but the truth about this has been highlighted in researches.

Hetero couples could last a maximum of about 7 minutes, a research has showed.

One of the researches studied the Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time (IELT) for men and found something that should give you courage if you are a man.

“The distribution of the IELT in all the five countries (studied) was positively skewed, with a median IELT of 5.4 minutes (range, 0.55-44.1 minutes).

“The median IELT decreased significantly with age, from 6.5 minutes in the 18-30 years group, to 4.3 minutes in the group older than 51 years (P<0.0001).”

What You Can Do

So, if you are getting older and you find that you ejaculate faster than usual, just relax because it may not be unusual. Except there is a medical issue.

condom on banana

Thick condom can also reduce sensation

But from this research, you can see that going beyond 2 minutes is something a man must work at. It takes some time for a woman to get to orgasm level.

There are few things that you can do to help get a great sex and satisfy your woman.

1. Adjust Food

One thing that affects how fast a man ejaculates is food.

As said earlier, sugary substances are not good for men especially because they affect the flow of blood.

“The sugar in the drink or ice cream, for instance, will get fast into the blood and depletes as fast as possible.

“This impacts on the way the blood runs into the male reproductive organ during sex because there will be fluctuating blood sugar level during sex,” health coach Lauren Osewezina said.

2. Take Black Maca

Black Maca enhances sexual performance of men.

The powder is from the Maca root and the powder is a popular supplement that some animal studies have showed could enhances endurance performance.

You should try it.

3. Find Your Lower Level Of Arousal

High arousal is one thing that also makes ejaculation happen faster than expected.

It is painful to men when they ejaculate faster than they had expected, but controlling arousal level can help.

One way to do so is to have something that distracts you during the foreplay and ensure that your woman is near orgasm before you penetrate.

Some men also practice mindfulness to be able to stay at the low level of arousal.

There are applications that you can install on your phone to help you practice mindfulness.

4. Focus On Partner’s Pleasure, Not Yours

When you keep your mind on your partner’s pleasure, it helps you maintain focus and ensure that she gets satisfied while you hold your arousal at low level.

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One way to achieve this is to hold back when you are close to ejaculation and touch her before you go in again.

5. Try A Penis Ring

Penis rings work for some persons. It helps stimulate the penis while also restricting the blood flow into the shaft of the penis.

This helps maintain a strong erection.

6. Exercise The Pelvic

There is an exercise that you can practice for the pelvic and this is something that men who do not ejaculate inside a woman have used to control child birth.

You know how it feels when you are urinating and you hold back the urine?

That is one way of exercising the pelvic. That way, you are practicing how to hold back semen too when it is about to come out.

This practice helps you last long and applying the next recommendation to it, makes you a superman when it comes to sex.

7. Adopt Different Positions

For sex to be interesting and for your woman to reach orgasm, you will need to learn new positions.

The moment you hold back the semen, come out of her and request that she changes position.

Take a position that will allow the penis massage her clitoris. Like letting her lie on you.

That way the semen runs back and give you more time to enjoy the pleasure of sex.

This really works.

8. Use Toys Or Fingers

Your fingers can do a lot when you know how to use them to touch the right places.

They could make a woman reach orgasm if you know how to use them to massage the clitoris.

That way the woman enjoys the session. Women’s complaint is usually aired because the man does not make them get to orgasm and not the way the man makes them reach there.

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If your woman does not allow you use a finger, get a dildo of good size and convince her about allowing you to use it sometimes.

9. Let Foreplay Last Long

Some men are usually in a hurry to go down there. Don’t be that kind of man. Take your time and enjoy it like you take time over food.

Making foreplay last long will help get the woman closer to orgasm before you penetrate.

That way, when you go in, you can make her reach orgasm.

10. Try Something New And Extraordinary

Your sex routine with your partner may be the reason you last for just two minutes. There is an anticipation that goes with routines and that triggers ejaculation.

Making out in weird or odd places could spice up things and keep the fire burning for a longer time.

Need Help?

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If you need someone to talk to and other information about boosting your sex life, contact us and our experts will speak with you.

Take your sex life to a whole new level as a man.

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