14 Foods That Boost Breast Milk Production

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Breast milk is one thing that infants need to develop, stay strong and healthy.

In fact, breastfeeding is the first fundamental right of every child, but it could be worrisome for a mother when the milk is not flowing as it should.

After childbirth, some women have found that their breasts are just heavy, yet, not producing enough milk for the development of the infant.

The mammary gland is responsible for the production of breast milk, but with food, a woman can make the production of milk easy.

What a woman eats becomes the nutrient that will be carried to the gland and produced as breast milk for the child.

So, lactating Mothers are supposed to take extra diet in order to have good supply of milk to feed their infants.

There are foods that can boost the production of breast milk and here are few of them that a study by the MMINSR SKIMS Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, India, recommends.

1.      Salmon:

This is a good source of EFA (Essential Fatty acids) and Omega 3.

Both of them are highly nutritious and essential for lactating mothers as they boost lactation hormones and make milk more nutritious.

2.      Spinach And Beet Leaves:

It contains iron, calcium and folic acid, which are good for milk production.

3.      Fennel seeds

This seed is also available in Nigeria and in our shop for mothers who will love to try it out.

fennel seeds

Fennel Seeds

As much as it boosts production of breast milk, it is also improves heart health, reduces inflammation, suppresses appetite, and even provide anticancer effects.

4.      Carrot

This one is almost always available in Lagos and some other cities and it has lactation promoting qualities.

It contains Vitamin A which complements lactation and boosts the quality of milk.

5.      Bottle Gourd

Staying hydrated improves the function of organs in our body and for a nursing mother, bottle gourd helps keep a nursing mother hydrated and this increases milk quantity.

6.      Fenugreek

This seeds is rich in iron and it contains up to 20% of the Daily Value (DV) that humans need.

fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

It also has manganese and magnesium.

These seeds are known for boosting breast milk supply.

7.      Garlic:

Garlic is considered the best food to increase breast milk, as it is known for boosting lactation in
nursing mothers.

8.      Barley

Barley boosts lactation, and also keeps mother hydrated.

9.      Almonds

Almonds are rich in Omega-3, which helps lactation boosting hormones to help produce
more milk.

10.     Water and Juices

Drinking water and juices helps boost lactation and this is because they help a nursing mother stay hydrated.

11.    Poppy seeds (khuskhus):

Poppy seeds have sedative properties that help lactating mothers to relax and calm down, which enhances milk

Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds

12.     Black Sesame Seeds

These seeds are a rich source of calcium and believed to increase milk supply.

13.     Cumin Seeds

These seeds are a rich source of iron and it promotes digestion, making food taken by a nursing mother digest properly. It boosts milk supply.

14.     Brown Rice

This specie of rice contains phytoestrogens that research says have positive effect on breast milk production.

Pap is something that is highly recommended for nursing mothers to boost breast milk and here is one way to enjoy it.


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