School Resumption: Tips For Your Child’s Health

school resumption things you should know

It is school resumption. Yeah!

That very day that many parents have been waiting for is finally here and preparations for school resumption are last phase.

Parents want their children to look the best.

And a visit to different markets over the weekend truly showed that school resumption was around the corner.

Parents jostled to do last minute shopping for their children.

School bags, writing materials, shoes, socks, singlets, shots, jeans trousers and other materials got the highest attention.

Trust Nigerians too; prices gained weight overnight.

Noteworthy is the Sunday rush to make children’s hair.

We were surprised when we saw the image of children gathered in one location, all of them waiting to get their hair do.

It was one of those indications for the school resumption.

But that reminded us that parents also needed to look at these things that we would point out here.

What You Must Not Miss

Preparing the children to look great outwardly also requires that we prepare them to be over 70% strong on the inside.

Our immune system is one thing we have to help us stay strong always and the children are not left out on this.

In fact, they need it more than adults.

Sadly, you may have looked away from some aspects of the market that should also be of concern to you while shopping.

If you missed it, please, this is the time to also return to the market and shop for them.

One section of the market that we like to visit each time we are shopping is where we get fruits and veggies.

These are the essentials that must be in your child’s meals and even lunch boxes this time and here is why.

Effect Of Paint

We have studied many schools and have noticed that they usually paint their buildings during the holiday.

And Nigerians, being who we are, we love the fire-brigade approach.

Of course, it is what we were handed down by our parents, but some persons have been able to correct this attitude to life. A story for another day.

Unfortunately, most of our schools usually finish the painting of their buildings few days before school resumption.

This is what we found about paint.

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Most paints have a substance that is called thinner and this is one compound that is not so friendly with humans.

A 2014 study highlighted that paints can suppress the immune system and make people come down with flu.

Paint can also cause skin irritation and dizziness.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that are also one of the body’s main types of immune cells.

They help the body attack viruses and cancer cells.

Scientists exposed human lymphocytes to various levels of solvent concentration. Results demonstrated significant DNA damage to lymphocytes at all levels of solvent exposure.

Natural Immune Boosters At School Resumption

As a result, parents have become the watchdog to this immune suppression.

One thing mothers must find a way to eliminate from their children’s lunch boxes now are sweetened drinks.

Sugar affects the immune system cells that attack bacteria and this is why your child does not need it now.

Other children could also come in with different ailments like flu and your child could pick it up if not well fortified.

To help your child stay safe in this period of school resumption.

Give them more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins C and E, plus beta-carotene and zinc.

Orange is great for immune boosting at school resumption

Orange is great for immune boosting

When shopping, go for a wide variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, including berries, citrus fruits, apples, red grapes, pineapple, onions, spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots.

You can blend these fruits and sieve it to make sure that only the juice comes out for them to take.

Because they may not love it with the fibre, it is great to make sure they get only the liquid.

Yoghurt You may also find out article on 7 Health Benefits Of Yoghurt helpful.

With that, they can drink it easily like their normal sweetened drinks. Also add sweet fruits in it so that it will have the sweet taste.

After all, the children can get enough fibre from other foods they eat.

Meanwhile, other foods that are good for the child’s immune system are fresh garlic, which may help fight viruses and bacteria and ginger.

Please, share with your friends and loved ones to help their child stay healthy at school resumption



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