5 Fertility Boosting Foods For Men And Women

fertility boosting food

Fertility boosting foods should be in the homes of couples that are ready to begin making babies.

Interestingly, a handful of grains and seeds around us fall into this category of fertility boosting foods.

However, knowing how to combine them requires the guidance of someone who is an expert.  Talk to one.

Fertility is a big issue world over and it is now a topic of discussion.

Concerns are raised to the extent that people are suggesting it should be part of pre-marriage tests.

Sadly, fertility issues have forced couples to become prayer warriors, with many seeking solutions to an issue that had been taken care of by God.

Recently, we stumbled on a post that proved that the issue had become a hot topic worthy of discussion.

However, researches have also shown that fertility issue is largely a lifestyle issue.

An adjustment in lifestyle, therefore, could address this issue.

Causes Of Fertility Issues

Some causes of fertility issues are environmental factors such as exposure to chemicals or smoking. Others are physical factors, such as blocked fallopian tubes, obesity or stress.

Also, there are other conditions that prevent production of sperm or mature eggs, such as low or high testosterone.

Interestingly, there are studies that have looked at how these factors affect fertility.

One of such that we will dwell on a little is stress. A 2011 study highlighted how stress affects fertility.

Stress is common for both men and women in highly populated states in Nigeria. For instance, Lagos.

Unfortunately, some married women that are trying hard to conceive are really stressed

This is as a result of the kind of job they do.

They wake up early and return home late. They spend over 4 hours daily in traffic and that is enough to trigger hormonal imbalance.

While they go through this stress, they hardly exercise and most of them eat unhealthy meals.

Fertility Boosting Foods We Suggest

The foods that we are suggesting here are fertility boosting foods for bother men and women.

However, stress and other causes of fertility issues should be eliminated in a large extent for these foods to give maximum results.

Regular alcohol consumption, smoking and stress can lower sperm motility (in men) and in women it can affect period flow and unsettle the hormones.

This is what is referred to as hormonal imbalance.

Here are some fertility boosting foods to have at home.

1.      Flax Seeds

These seeds are available in Nigeria and they are rich in potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin B-6, Magnesium and calcium.

They also contain sodium and vitamin C in small amounts.

healthy foods to add to meal

Flax Seeds

Furthermore, flax seeds are a powerful package for balancing hormones. Imbalance of hormones have also been linked to fertility issues in some studies.

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Aim to get about two tablespoons of flax seeds every day.

As a guide, you can roast with low heat and grind them up for maximum benefit.

2.      Sesame Seeds

These are white seeds that are like the popular melon used in preparation of Egusi soup. But it is smaller.

sesame seeds

Sesame Seeds

Researches say high level of semen reactive oxygen species is considered as an important factor in male infertility.

Sesame seeds have antioxidant properties, which could be effective on improvement of semen parameters.

Meanwhile, a 2013 study designed to determine the effects of sesame on sperm quality showed positive results after 25 men were treated with a 3-months course of taking 0.5 mg/kg sesame.

According to the research report, there was significant improvement in the sperm count.

3.      Goron Tula

This is one fruit that has been described as a miracle fruit and one of the things it does is to boost fertility.

goron tula

Goron Tula fruit

Clinical studies have suggested that a health-promoting component of Goron Tula, saponins, affect the immune system in ways that help to protect the human body against cancers, and also lower cholesterol levels.

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Saponins decrease blood lipids, lower cancer risks, and lower blood glucose response.

A great immune system helps fight diseases that could reduce chances of conception.

4.     Green Vegetables

Iron and folate are two nutrients that persons waiting to conceive should add in their diet.


Broccoli is one of the green vegetables recommended

And dark leafy greens like spinach, romaine, arugula, and broccoli are high in folate and B vitamin that has been shown to improve ovulation.

Leafy greens also naturally increase a woman’s libido.

5.     Red Rice

This is a specie of rice that is rich in iron and zinc.

It is also nutrient dense with 20% of the daily values for magnesium, phosphorus, and molybdenum.

red rice

Red rice

Rich in vitamin B6, can lower high cholesterol because it is rich in fibre, help prevent heart disease, lowers blood sugar level and reduces risk of obesity.

This verity of rice can also reduce the risk of obesity, help fight asthma and improve brain capacity.

It is a healthy food that women waiting to conceive should add to their diet.

Kindly share with your friends and loved ones to help them identify the foods that boosts fertility. 


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