How To Use Goron Tula Fruit For Vagina Cleansing, Tightening

Goron Tula for vagina cleansing and tightening

Goron tula fruit is a miracle fruit. God made this fruit for a time like this to address infertility cases and other related issues that humans face.

People in the northern part of Nigeria have it in abundance and they have used if for ages.

This is one of the reasons they give birth in abundance.

However, beyond its fertility benefit, Goron tula fruit has been used for vagina cleansing and tightening.

So Healthy had a chat with a lady from a northern community where you find Goron tula in abundance.

How Can Goron Tula Fruit Tighten And Cleanse Vagina?

One thing women dread is infection, yet it is common in Nigeria because of poor hygiene.

But Goron tula fruit has a potency of cleansing the vagina.

Rashidat said women who want to cleanse vagina should chew the flesh of the fruit and also use the chaff

Goron Tula is good for vagina cleansing and tightening

Goron Tula fruit

“For vagina tightening, once you chew the skin to the point that it is no longer sweet, you sun-dry till it is very dry.

“You can now pick the dry chaff, put it in something you can set fire in. Burn it and douche on it and make your vagina get close to it. Let the steam get to your vagina.

“If you do that for about 7 days, you will get the result you seek,” she said.

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According to her, women from who want to use it for fertility issues should realise that body systems are different and this may require that some women eat a larger number of the miracle fruit before they will get result.

“I can assure you that it works for infertility. It is one of the reasons infertility is not common here.

“People who have complained about low sperm count and low libido have used the seed and shared great testimonies.

“If you want to use it for infection, you can soak it for three days and allow it to ferment. After fermentation, you will use the water to wash your vagina,” she added.

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    • Maca is a good boost to also add. Please, speak with our Health Coach on +2347061120963 (WhatsApp)

  2. Do u mean adding the burnt chaff in hot water and sitting on it? How often shd you do this plz

    • No, please. When you burn, you douche (what you may call sit) on the smoke and that is all. Once burnt there is no need to add it to warm water. It is the raw one or the chaff you have chewed that you add to warm water and sit on, not the brunt ash. Do it as often as possible until you are sure your have your result.

  3. Pls how do i use goruntula to boost sexual performance. Shd it be eaten like an hr b4 sex?

  4. What quantity of intake works perfectly for sex, if you take it like 2weeks before having sex will it still be effective & how do I use it to tighten vagina

    • Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

      There is no dosage recommended by research. But we know that fruits are really good for you and they are made in such a way that there is never an overdose.

      The law of diminishing utility will make you get tired or satisfied before you consume excess.

      As per time frame, the effect of goron tula lasts for months once your body system is free of infection. To tighten vagina, we have written an article on this just search vagina in the red space above the web page and you will find the article. Once again thank you and please, know that we are committed to making you So Healthy Everyday.

    • Pls how often should it be taken for vagina dryness for someone that hasnt gotten wet befr no matter what and low libido.
      Would it show effect few hours after eating it befr intimacy or it will take weeks to show effect??

  5. is the fermented water okay to drink by a man ? And what quantity do i need to take to get full erection everyday

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