Gain Weight With These 9 Natural Foods

gain weight with these natural foods

Sometimes it could become necessary for some persons to gain weight, especially when their ‘smallish’ looks make them feel insecure.

Also, persons recovering from an ailment would also need to add some flesh..

In Nigeria, people see those that are ‘fat’ as big men or women. Some persons even say it shows that they are ‘chopping tight’ (feeding well).

But that is not often the case. Weight gain drive could become deadly if not managed properly.

However, people who would want to gain weight for any reason at all, should consider doing it in a healthy way.

Natural foods can help people gain weight while also ensuring that it is healthy.

Interestingly, the natural foods that are available to us could help us achieve any of our weight gain goals.

The only thing we may need to do is be sure of the combination that works and when to eat them. There are other factors that must be blended with diet like exercise and intake of a combination of foods for your weight gain to be healthy for you.

It is time to read labels on food containers. But you need to be sure that you also know your Body Max Index which should be a guide on how much weight you need to gain.

What you should be targeting are foods with healthy fat and enough calories that would aid your weight gain desire.

1.       Rice

This is one staple food in Nigeria and almost everyone loves it.

However, not all species of rice aid weight gain.

The foreign polished rice tops when it comes to weight gain and that is why you find that people who love rice a lot consistently increase in weight.

white rice and weight gain

White Rice in a plate

This kind of rice has high glycemic index and the caloric content is high.

White rice is lower in fiber than every other less processed rice and how much fiber someone consumes may play a part in obesity risk.

Eating rice in the evening as dinner will aid weight gain.

2.       Home Made Smoothies

Smoothies are great for weight gain.

Interestingly, there are different types of smoothies that you can prepare at home that will work well for you.

There are different kinds of smoothies that you can make at home.

  • Pineapple and Banana: This is a great combination that aids weight gain.
    All you do is buy ripe banana and pineapple. pill off the skin and add the quantity that you would prefer in a fruit blender. Blend them until they are entirely smooth. Add some spoons of full cream milk to the mix and drink it as often as you can, in the morning or evening.
  • Banana and Chocolate: This is also another combination that is available to us in Nigeria. All you do is get some chocolate cubes and add them in a blender with banana. Blend until it is smooth and then you add milk and drink.
  • Natural Yoghurt, Banana Apple Shake: This combination aids weight gain and it is readily available in Nigeria. Get a yoghurt starter and prepare your own yoghurt with full cream milk. You may need to sweeten with honey or any other healthy sweetener (molasses). Blend 1 banana and 1 apple, or 1/4 of a pineapple and add to it.

    Greek Yoghurt

    Home made Greek Yoghurt

  • Avocado Pear and Other Greens: Avocado is another fruit that contains healthy fat. You can blend it together with banana and spinach (water leaf). This is often referred to as Super Green Shake.  Blend 1 avocado pear, 1 banana and 300gram of spinach and drink as juice.

3.       Milk

Since we have mentioned milk several times in the last suggestion, it is okay to talk about it now.

Taking milk or adding it to your diet is a very healthy way to gain weight.

Full cream milk is more fatty and should be the major milk that you should take if you want to increase weight.

Milk is a good source of protein, carbohydrate and fats that will aid weight gain.

milk and weight gain

A glass of milk taken before or after meal aids weight gain

Researches have shown that combining milk with whey and casein will aid weight gain. Milk and Banana are also great for weight gain.

A 2007 study says milk-based proteins promote muscle protein accretion to a greater extent when consumed after resistance exercise.

4.     Potatoes and Starches

One way to add weight fast is through eating starchy food or food high in carbohydrate.

In Delta State, starch is a form of swallow that is highly loved and this could make anyone add weight.

But we know that some persons do not like starch as swallow.

These set of persons could find such healthy starch in foods like potatoes, plantain, oats, corn, buckwheat and more in that line.

Eba, fufu and Semo are great sources of starch that could largely aid weight gain.

5.     Butters and Fat Spread

Peanut butter, margarine and mayonnaise are all fattening and would aid weight gain.

Just grab a loaf of bread and spread them over it and munch.

This is just the time to begin to read the label of most bread spread items that you buy and go for the ones with high fat or calories.

6.      Increase Consumption Of Fries

Fat often comes from the oil that we use to fry most of our foods and then the white flour used.

fries and weight gain

Snacking on small chops often will aid weight gain

Going for oil with higher fat in them will aid increase in weight. Most fries are often considered as junk and they  helps to increase weight.

You may have to snack more on fries in the evening and in-between meals.

7.     Eat Whole-Grain Bread

Bread is considered fatty because it contains white flour that is very low in fibre.

A combination of whole-grain bread and eggs whether fried or boiled will give you the needed effect.

You can even eat with meat or cheese to get the same effect.

8.      Red Meat

This is one of the fat sources that we do not consider healthy, but we recommend it when it becomes necessary that you add weight.

There are different parts of a cow meat that you could buy to aid weight gain. Most of the parts with visible fat are very instrumental to weight gain.

Make them part of your meal and do not give so much attention to removing the fat.

9.     Maca Tones Muscles

Balancing the body’s hormones aid weight gain and maca is one food that helps in balancing of body hormones.

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable that works with the thyroid gland to produce certain hormones in the body.

With balanced hormones, your body uses this system to process foods, regulate energy levels and deliver nutrients to the body.

Maca Powder For Fertility

Maca is rich in Calcium and Iron    Get Maca here

This increases the delivery of the fatty foods you take for weight gain to the right glands that would trigger weight gain.

When the hormones are balanced, you will increase the energy level that you use and this directly impacts your apatite.

Maca also aids anabolic action in your body. Your muscles are empowered to burn through calories more efficiently, making you get more from your workout routines.

Warning Signs To Watch Out For

One reason we are recommending this is because people have asked for what could make them gain weight.

But the truths is that gaining weight simply involves getting more calories than your body actually needs.

The first thing to consider about your weight is whether it is within your Body Mass Index (BMI).

If your BMI is low and you need a boost, care must be taken to ensure that the weight recommend, based on your BMI, is not exceeded.

Also ensure that you go for cholesterol test as regularly as possible to ensure that you do not increase your cholesterol level beyond what it should be and trigger health issues in the process of trying to add weight.

One thing we know is that gaining weight is easier than losing it.

It is also difficult to know how to stop, since eating the foods that aid weight gain could become a addictive or a habit that would be difficult to stop when you want to end the weight gain drive.

Please, ensure that you are guided by a health coach in your weight gain drive.

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