Heat: 9 Tips That Will Help You Feel Better

heat: tips to help you feel better

Tola could no longer bear the sight of the rash on her baby’s body, as the heat increases.

What started just somewhere around the neck has spread to other parts of her body.

One day, she decided to take the child to a hospital. After diagnosis, the doctor said it was just a reaction to heat.

He prescribed few drugs and then a special powder for the child.

It worked, but the rash returned afterwards.

The heat is not subsiding any time soon. Instead, it will increase.

Unfortunately, a knowledge of this, has kept Tola in a jittery mood.

Heat is something that we may not be able to run away from, as the dry season sets in.

Sadly, people in highly populated cities in Nigeria are experiencing the heat more.

For instance, in Lagos, the weather gets to 32 degrees Celsius in the day.

Meanwhile, in the northern part of the nation, it is expected to go further than that figure.

As we move into the dry season and Harmattan period, we expect that the heat will increase.

However, there are few things that can help you scale this period with am amazing health and skin.

1.      Wear Cotton Cloths During Heat

If there is a time to be picky with what to wear, this is just the time.

One thing to do is to be sure that what you are wearing is more of a cotton. This is necessary because cotton cloths absorb less heat.

They feel cool on the body and help your skin relax.

2.      Lay On Cotton Bed-sheet

If your bed-sheet is not made of cotton, it is time to change it. Having a silk material as your bed-sheet increases the amount of heat you feel.

But a cotton bed-sheet is cool and more relaxing when you lay on it.

3.      Apply White Clay

This one works like magic for persons with skin rash. This clay contains Kaolin and it works as a very mild exfoliant.

White clay good for skin during heat

White Clay

It removes dead and dry skin cells to leave you with clarified, glowing skin.

According to the Style Craze, Kaolin clay can soothe rash and irritation.

4.      Stay Hydrated In Periods Of Heat

Now is the time to make a bottle of water your companion. You should give attention to having a bottle of water with you like you give your phone.

Staying hydrated will help you keep your body cool, maintain a supple skin in the heat and clean your body from toxins that go with heat.

5.     Bath At Least Twice A Day

Furthermore, increasing the number of times you take your bathe will help your skin stay free from rash.

Taking your bathe before you sleep is highly important. This will help ensure that you sweat less and feel strong when you wake up.

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Heat could make you sweat more at night and that will leave your exhausted and tired in the morning.

Sadly, this will truncate your level of productivity.

6.     Eat Food That Boost Immune System

You need a strong immune system to be able to stay free from illness during the heat.

Focus more on foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients that will boost your immune system.

Food that boost immune system against heat

Vegetables and fruits are great immune boosters

Vegetables, fruits, more of foods with antioxidants will help your immune system stay strong and able to resist diseases at this time.

7.    Avoid Very Crowded Places

More so, during this heat, there could be cases of heat stroke, and this is sometimes caused by to much people in one place.

Staying in places that are over crowded could result in heat stroke if you are prone to it.

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If you must be in an over crowded place, make sure that ventilation is okay. If the amount of heat in the place is controlled, the chances of heat stroke is reduced.

8.    Avoid Being In The Sun For Long Hours

If your job exposes you to sun, take a break at intervals.

This will help your body temperature return to normal.

Being in the sun could lead heat stroke which is sometimes deadly.

9.    Wear Sun Glasses

Sun glasses are also great for hot weather.

The rays from the sun is delicate to your eyes.

Wearing son glasses will help you secure the eyes from direct contact with the sun.

Kindly share this article with your family, friend and loved ones to help them know how to scale through the heat.

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