5 Things That Can Affect Your Sex Life

issues that could affect sex

Having a great sex life is important, but there are some things that could hamper how much of sex your enjoy with your partner.

Several times we have read or heard in the news how sex issues put asunder what God had joined together.

This is a source of concern for us, because we know that many couples are facing the same issue.

Sometimes the man finds it hard to help the woman get orgasm and the show ends the moment he ejaculates.

Unfortunately some have sought medical help for their sex life, but what they needed was just brain work.

Yes! You may have heard that “the brain is the body’s most important sex organ”.

Seriously, the brain could make sex interesting for a couple or make it a sacrifice.

You could be sexually aroused at any slight touch, have sexual organs that are functional or hormones levels that are appropriate, but they do not mean you will have a good sex life.

There are factors that are brain-related that could hamper the amount of satisfaction you could get or the kind of performance you can offer.

The Harvard Medical School identified some of these factors.

1.      Anxiety To Perform

One thing that you must not do is to focus on the need to perform well during sex.

Focusing on performance could trigger worries of poor performance and this will make the experience an awful one.

Basically, all you need is to relax and enjoy the session.

According to the medical school, women and men that are in their 50s have these anxious moments more.

2.      Body Image And Self-esteem

Severally, some women have told us that they have body shaming as a result of how their stomach or other part of their body had become after childbirth.

At this point, they feel less than sexy and sex is no longer fun for them. Their mind is more focused on whether their husband loves their body still than it is on sex.

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Others say they noticed their partner no longer enjoys making love to them because their vagina had widened after childbirth.

To address this, there are exercises that an individual can engage in to bring them back to shape.

Find time and read our article on ”How To Lose Belly Fat After Child Birth” and find some good hacks that help.

3.      Relationship Issues

Sadly, some issues that also pop-up in homes relating to finance, quarrels, disagreements could come in the way of love making between couples.

Some women, when they ovulate, become so restive that they could fight Niger Delta militants. No sex happens at the time.

The stress that comes from taking care of children and other issues could also hamper interest in sex.

Finding time to be together and making love at unusual places could rekindle the affection when this situation arises.

4.      Expectations And Past Experiences

According to the medical school, everyone has a sexual drive from birth.

But your family, culture, religious background, the media, and your peers shape your attitudes toward sex.

Couples have had issues with sex because one refused to do what the other loves and have had during the period he or she was not married.

This results in dislike for sex and poor affection for each other.  A mutual understanding is what makes sex an enjoyable thing.

5.      Stress And Lifestyle Changes Ca Affect Sex Life

This is the height of the matter.

People who live in highly populated cities that often leave home early and return late get less sleep.

Indirectly, this triggers stress which in turn affects their sexual life.

“Stress and fatigue can quickly sap your sex drive.”

It could come from raising children, financial challenges, health issues, aging parents, worries career issues and other things that are also demanding attention.

You may find our article on Stress During Pregnancy Could Lead To ‘Child Personality Disorder’ helpful.

These things could draw your attention away from sex and make you lose concentration during sex.

Finding a balance and making out time to relax and rest are important in a quest to restore your sex life and make sex an enjoyable thing.

Kindly share with friends and loved ones to help them know what issues to avoid to keep a great sex life. 


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