Christmas: Nigeria Meal Ideas To Explore

breakfast meal Choice and Christmas food ideas

Christmas is just a day away and many persons will be having deep thoughts about meal ideas or recipes.

You want to make your family enjoy a different meal, yet there are no meal ideas coming to your head.

We know that making this necessary choice of meal during yuletide could be a difficult task.

Unfortunately, most periods of the year, you ate rice and anything but rice is what is on your mind.

However, rice is the very ready food that you know you could easily prepare for your home.

If you will settle for rice, one thing to do is to tweak the kind of rice you serve your home this season.

Adding a very little tweak could make a big difference.

Let us not just go for the rice and stew, fried rice or jollof, but for something more enticing.

Meal Ideas

The meal ideas we provide are unique and this is because they focus on your health and wellness.

It is not a must you should stick to them, but they could spur you to great thoughts of awesome recipes.

Here are meal ideas and recipes that you can try and most of them will spice up your rice. That is if you choose to prepare rice.

1.     Red Kidney Beans

This is a very healthy beans that will do a lot to the health of your family and also spice up your rice.

It is one of the nutrient-packed legumes that we have.

Red Kidney Beans is high in protein, low in cholesterol, good for diabetics and with great anti-oxidative benefit. it also improves memory.

Read more about the health benefits of Red Kidney Beans.

red kidney beans for christmas

Red Kidney Beans

How To Prepare: Soak beans for at least 6 hours or overnight, drain water and then parboil. Place on fire again and cook until it is soft. 

You can add salt to it for taste, if you so desire. You can add the beans to your salad, jollof rice or white rice.

2.    Jollof Spaghetti

This is prepared the same way you prepare your jollof rice but it is spiced up with hot dog, beetroot tomatoes, Onions, carrot, pepper.

It comes out perfect and very nice for children too who need to taste a different kind of meal at Christmas.

Kindly note that there is no processed tomato paste in the meals, since we consider tomato paste not so healthy.

Most people do not know that pastes contain sugar.

Kindly fry your tomatoes, beetroot and other ingredients with low heat and little oil.

Christmas food idea and recipe

Spaghetti Jollof

3.      Vegetable Source, Brown Rice And Veggies

Indeed, this is one of our best meals.

Interestingly, everyone that we have served this meal loved it and this is why we are adding it to these meal ideas.

The sauce is a combination of cucumber, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beetroot, and chicken sauce.

breakfast meal Choice

Vegetable sauce, brown rice and veggies

All you do is boil the chicken and then fry the vegetables that you intend to add to it with low heat.

Add home made seasoning (contact us to get recipe) to sweeten and then add the sauce from the chicken.

Your brown rice is prepared the same way you prepare your white rice.

Add fresh lettuce and carrot to it and munch.

4.      Healthy Swallow Mix and Vegetable Soup

It is not just about rice. you should also look at serving your family a unique meal.

This is Swallow mix, a blend of different grains that are healthy and rich in nutrient. One of the mixed grains is red rice which contains anti-oxidants and also boosts memory. It is the most nutritious variety of rice.

The vegetable soup is a combination of Water leaf, Ugwu and any other vegetable of choice.

Spice the soup with iru, meat sauce, crayfish and home made seasoning.

The swallow is prepared the same way you prepare your semo.

Basically, the meal ideas are just to trigger thoughts of different meals or vegetables that you can add to your meals at Yuletide.

Christmas food recipe - swallow and vegetable soup

Red Rice Swallow and Vegetable Soup

5.    Fried Yam, Plantain, Beans and Veggies

This could be snacked on while the family waits for the main meal. But if served in large portion, take not that it comes with plenty calories.

You can add other forms of protein to it – fried or grilled chicken, fried fish or meat.


Fried yam, plantain, beans and vegetables

6.   Fried Meat, Veggies and Lime

This is just one combination that will aid digestion of whatever meal you take.

We need to be sure that we digest whatever we take this season. You are what you digest and adding vegetable or citrus to meal is one way to achieve this.

If you did not add fruits in this category to your shopping list, it is not too late to get them.

food ideas for christmas recipe

We sincerely hope you will come up with a combination that will make so much sense to you and your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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