Health Coaching: Stay Healthy Through The Harmattan

harmattan and how to stay healthy

The weather has changed a lot, with the level of cold in the Harmattan more than what was envisaged.

As a result, children and even adults are coming down with different illnesses, with cough and catarrh leading the park.

Helping people stay healthy is what we do and we are making a training as affordable as possible this Harmattan.

The focus of the training is to educate people on the best things to do to help their families stay healthy throughout this harmattan weather.

If you are interested in the master class that will help you understand:

1. The effects of harmattan on your general health, skin and eye health, including easy ways to keep your lips and feet moisturised and flake free. .

2. The best natural ways to handle the cold for both kids and adults.

Harmattan in Nigeria is muchYou may also love to read our article on 6 Things That Can Help You Reduce Effect Of Harmattan

3. The best ways to stay hydrated without being bored with just water. .

4. Best detox remedies for the season. .
5. Home management to reduce dust overwhelm.

Harmattan Coaching Class Bonuses

1. Tips on making your fasting successful for both spiritual and physical healing.
2. How to shed the Christmas extra weight gain.
3. Hair care and how to prevent breakage during harmattan.
4. How to make your luxurious lip balm at home.
5. 50 things I did to get happy and pregnant.



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