Malaria Drug And Blood Tonic Combination: Good Or Bad?

mosquito malaria drug and blood tonic

This may just be one reason malaria drug administered on some persons appears not to be effective.

We have heard that people combine malaria drug and blood tonic.

But the extent to which this could be damaging was unknown to us until we had a chat with a Consultant Family Physician and the Medical Director at Nathaniel Health Consulting, Dr. Ademola Orolu.

According to the doctor, patients most times request for blood tonic or tablets while or after treating infections.

The layman’s belief is that the malaria drug destroys red blood cells. They assume this happens during the killing of the Plasmodium parasites that causes the infection.

Explaining what happens during the treatment of malaria, Dr Orolu pointed out that some infections could reduce the amount of red blood cells in the body.

“We, however, need to know that these infections must be severe to cause serious drop in the level of red cells.

“Malarial fever typically presents in two forms.

“The more common one is that which needs just three days of use of oral antimalarial medications. This results in cure in most individuals.

“The second one is a severe form of malaria.

“This always requires admission for the individual to get better.

“This severe form of malaria can cause damage in many organs of the body,” he said.

Wrong Assumption About Red Blood Cell

One of the damages this could cause is reduction in the red blood cell level.

“To assume that one’s red cell levels have dropped as a result of infections is wrong.

“The commonly used antibiotics or antimalarial medications do not destroy the blood.

“They attack the organism causing the infection only without a side effect of reduced red blood cell level,” the doctor explained.

Malaria Parasites Feed On Iron

Now, here is the reason malaria drug should not be taken with blood tonic.

It is important for us to note that malarial parasite feeds on iron.

So, in the presence of iron which blood tonic supplies, the parasite is well fed and increases in number.

“This will therefore negatively affect the effectiveness of the medication used in treating malarial infection.

Likewise, iron is a growth factor for some bacteria.

“Using antibiotics and blood tonic (containing iron of course) together during treatment of bacterial infection is like supplying enemies with ammunition while one still tries to kill them,” he warned.

“If the doctor suspects red blood cell level to be low during examination, it must be confirmed by a very simple blood test.

“Just looking at the palms or the eyes is not enough proof that red blood level is low.”

fenugreek and goron tula can treat malaria

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However, if the result proves that the blood level is low, so long the level is not too low, which is decided by the doctor, the patients will build their red cells when they begin to eat adequately.

This emphasises the need for the body to be fed with balanced diets.

It supplies the body with the necessary nutrients to build blood without helping infectious organisms grow.

Dr. Orolu further pointed out that if the blood test shows that the level is too low for the body’s ability to produce fresh red blood cells, the doctor may recommend blood tonic or tablets AFTER the infection must have been cured.

For instance blood tonic could be recommended after completion of medications and the individual is hale and hearty.

In very extreme cases of reduced red blood cell level, blood transfusion becomes necessary.

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