How To Use Goron Tula When It Is Dry

How to use goron tula when it is dry

Not very many persons are sure of how to use Goron Tula fruit especially when it is dry.

Yes! The fruit could be very dry at times to the extent that people who buy them condemn them as ‘BAD’.

One period that you usually find this kind of the very dry goron tula with mould is during harmattan.

There are few reasons this happens.

One of them is the fact that goron tula is like kola nut and this makes it behave the same way kola behaves.

The name actually means kola from Tula, which is a community in the north.

During harmattan, however, the fruit gets strong and hard, all in a bid to protect itself from damage.

Some even begin to develop mould.

However, this does not mean that the fruit has lost its potency or that it is bad.

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We had reached out to people in the community in the northern part of Nigeria where we source for the fruit highlighting this concern that people have.

How To Use Goron Tula When It Is Dry

They explained that the fruit being dry does not mean the juice is out of it. Some even said that is when it works better because the compound becomes concentrated.

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Also, we further asked how to use the miracle fruit when it is dry and they gave explanations which will be treated as a list here.

Basically, they said the first thing to look out for is whether the fruit is like the image above in terms of colour (chocolate) and not just dry and looking dusty.


Once you have confirmed that the colour is like the one above, then apply the under listed process.

1.     Wash gorn tula in clean cold water (the water you drink)

2.     Open the fruit up and remove the seeds and wash the inner part to remove mould it it is there.

3.     Pour drinking water into a kettle, place on fire and allow to boiling point.

4.     Pour out the water into a bowl and add the pulp or flesh in the warm water. Cover and leave it for at least 10 minutes.

5.    Remove the pulp and dry it. At this point the goron tula is ready for consumption.

You will notice that it has become slimy and soft.

More so, preparing goron tula like this allows the juice in the flesh or pulp to come out well while the taste is retained.

They also shared that it is more active if it is allowed to go through this process.

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This process is also good because some persons may want to drink the water used in soaking the fruits.

If you so desire, the water is healthy for you to drink, being that the fruit was soaked after it has been cleaned and that the water you boiled is a clean water.

About The Seed

Some persons have also asked what they could do with the seed inside the fruit.

We know that the seed is also useful, but we are yet to understand full well what it could be used for. We are still researching into it.

Some persons have said it is used for vagina cleansing after it has been dried and grind to powder.

Other persons have also suggested that it could be used by diabetics.

If you have further questions about how to use Goron Tula, or other uses of the fruit, kindly check our previous articles where were also added here as links.

Kindly share with your friends and loved ones so they will know the benefits of goron tula and how to use it. 


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