Coronavirus: Black Seed Oil And Its Immune Boosting Power

Black seed oil and coronavirus

Overnight, the power of black seed oil to relief flu and boost immune system has been magnified.

We are not surprised that the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, had black seed oil in his list of items he used in tackling coronavirus.

He was diagnosed with the virus, but he is now negative.

One thing the the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended is the boosting of immune system.

Interestingly, this is what the Oyo State Governor did, as he battled the virus.

Black seed oil is an extract from Nigella sativa (N. sativa) and it has been referred to as a miracle oil.

Basically, the widely-researched oil have great medicinal power in the treatment of different diseases and ailments.

A 2013 research identified the health benefits of Black Seed oil which is popular in Islamic literature.

Interestingly, black seed oil is considered as one of the greatest forms of healing medicine by people who practice Islamic religion.

Several recommendations have been made regarding its use on regular basis in Tibb-e-Nabwi (Prophetic Medicine).

Moreover, this medicinal oil has been widely used as antihypertensive, liver tonics, diuretics, digestive, anti-diarrheal, appetite stimulant, analgesics, anti-bacterial and in skin disorders.

At So Healthy Nigeria, we have used the seed and the oil as home remedy for cold and flu for children and adults.

Black seed oil and coronavirus

Black seeds and oil available here

Our use of this oil is as a result of the identified potency and compounds in different researches.

Compounds Of Black Seed Oil

According to the 2013 report, the most important active compounds are:

thymoquinone (30%-48%)
p-cymene (7%-15%)
carvacrol (6%-12%)
4-terpineol (2%-7%)
t-anethol (1%-4%)
sesquiterpene longifolene (1%-8%)
α-pinene and
thymol, etc.

Other compounds in trace amounts in black seeds are antioxidants.

Also, black seeds contain two different types of alkaloids; i.e. isoquinoline alkaloids e.g. nigellicimine and nigellicimine-N-oxide, and pyrazol alkaloids or indazole ring bearing alkaloids which include nigellidine and nigellicine.

Moreover, N. sativa seeds also contain alpha-hederin, a water soluble pentacyclic triterpene and saponin, a potential anticancer agent[12],[13].

Some other compounds e.g. carvone, limonene, citronellol were also found in trace amounts.

Black seed oil and coronavirus

Black seed oil

Basically, most of the pharmacological properties of N. sativa are mainly attributed to quinine constituents, of which TQ is the most abundant. On storage, TQ yields dithymoquinone and higher oligocondensation products.

Furthermore, black seeds contain protein (26.7%), fat (28.5%), carbohydrates (24.9%), crude fibre (8.4%) and total ash (4.8 %).

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Also, the seeds also containing good amount of various vitamins and minerals like Cu, P, Zn and Fe etc. The seeds contain carotene which is converted by the liver to vitamin A. Root and shoot are reported to contain vanillic acid.

Black Seed And Immune System

According to the research, N. sativa has been traditionally used for the treatment of a variety of disorders, diseases and conditions pertaining to respiratory system (cold and flue), digestive tract, kidney and liver function, cardio vascular system and immune system support, as well as for general well-being.

How To Use

Mix Black Seed Oil and Honey in a teaspoon and take as cough syrup.

Add a teaspoon of honey and Black Seed to warm water and take as a drink. You can also rub on your skin for skin related infections.

Kindly share with friends and loved ones to help them know the immune boosting power of black seed oil. 


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