I Achieved My 10Kg Weight Loss Goal In Months – Lady

Weight loss programme that works

weight loss programme

She is one of our clients that have taken our weight loss programme.

Her message shared with us on WhatsApp highlights how happy she is now. In months, she is looking different.

Basically, our programme is not a rigorous one that makes you feel like you are suffering and punishing yourself so hard all because you want to lose weight.

It is a gradual reduction that happens in months with focus on what you eat more than exercise.

A combination of these two (food and minimal exercise) gives our clients outstanding result.

The food plan we offer for weight loss are based on researches on these food items and results that they bring.

Leading Cause Of Death

Our concern is based on the fact that the leading causes of death are avoidable.

According to the World Health Organization, is heart disease and stroke which in most cases are life-style related.

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Interestingly, you can stay within your Body Mass Index (BMI) and forget the axiom that “being big runs in our family”.

Truly, what really runs in your family is the eating habit and you need to address that.

leading causes of death are lifestyle-related

Sadly also, weight gain could reduce a woman’s chances of conception. Staying within your BMI is truly one of the best gifts you can give to your body.

Weight loss is easy if only you care enough to know what to do to lose the weight that burdens your organs.

Most of the foods we recommend are available in Nigeria and are easily accessible. We love you. Stay Safe in this Covid-19 era.

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