Vitamin C Is Higher In Some Of These Foods Than Orange

Kiwi is rich in vitamin c

Getting enough vitamin C into our system has become more vital than it used to be in the hearts of many persons. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed everything.

We are not surprised though, because until a doctor points fingers to say death is close, some persons won’t take action.

Sadly, there are many sources of vitamin C around us. God really knew humans will need their immune system. He made vitamin C abound in fruits, tubers and even grains.

While you do your best to boost your immune system, this vitamin is one major immune booster that must be consumed.

The importance of vitamin C can be seen in this statement contained in a 2013 study on it.

“Vitamin C is an essential component of the diet for humans, and an adequate intake is important not only for the prevention of scurvy but also to limit the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.”

Here are some of the fruits and a tuber that you can get high amount of vitamin C from.

Let us begin with the one most common in the minds of people whenever you talk about natural sources of this vitamin.


Unfortunately, one thing that people often look at when you mention vitamin C is Citrus.

However, there are some foods that contain vitamin C more than citrus fruits.

The nutritional fact of orange showed it is rich in this vitamin.

nutritional fact of orange

Compare the vitamin C level in orange and that in other fruits and a tuber listed below.


Kiwi is rich in vitamin c


This is one of the edible berries of several species of woody vines in the genus Actinidia.

Oval is the most common cultivar group of kiwifruit and it is about the size of a large hen’s egg.

nutritional facts of kiwi and

In fact, it has been said that it is better to eat kiwifruit than to take vitamin C supplements.

Kiwi is not a fruit you could find in any market, but you would find it in superstores like Prince Ebeano Supermarket.

Bell Pepper

bell pepper is a good source of vitamin c

Bell Pepper

Bell pepper is the fruit of plants in the Grossum cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum

It is also known as sweet pepper, pepper or capsicum.

Cultivars of the plant produce fruits in different colours, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple.

The are also reach sources of this immune boosting vitamin.

bell pepper

It is far higher than orange.

Chili Pepper

chili pepper is a good source of vitamin c

Chili Pepper

All colours of Chili Pepper contain vitamin C, but the green Chili Pepper contains more.

It contains 109 mg of this vital vitamin, or 121% of the daily value.

chili pepper nutritional fact


potato is a good source of vitamin c

This is a tuber, but it is also one of the plants that you would never think contains vitamin C.

Potatoes are types of starchy root vegetables called tubers.

Potato is a good source of vitamin c

They are high in other nutrients, especially potassium and they also have many health benefits.

Canary Melon

canary melon is rich in vitamin c

Canary Melon

The Canary melon or winter melon is also a good source of this vitamin.

It is a large, bright-yellow elongated melon with a pale green to white inner flesh.

This melon is in season and it has a distinctively sweet flavor that is slightly tangier than a honeydew melon.

You may also find our article on Fertility Boosting Foods Pack helpful.

The flesh looks like that of a pear but is softer. When ripe, the rind has a slightly waxy feel.

It is also a good source of water.

Find its nutritional value in the image below.

Nutritional Benefit of Canery Melon


Pumpkin Is Rich In Vitamin C

health benefits of pumpkin seeds rich in vitamin c

Pumpkin and its seed

This is a cultivar of winter squash.

It is round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin. Pumpkin is most often deep yellow to orange in coloration, with a thick shell that contains the seeds and pulp.

pumpkin also contains vitamin c

While the pulp is nutritious, its seeds are also great source of nutrients.

Often, the nutrition that these fruits, grains and vegetables give you could be differentiated by their colours.

Please, share with your friends and loved ones to help then know fruits and tuber that are also rich sources of this vitamin.

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