Simple Exercises That Can Improve Your Sexual Health

exercises that can improve sexual health

A good sexual health is one of the most important things everyone should have. It could tear a relationship apart and scatter a marriage.

Also, a poor sexual health could even make a man shudder when it is time for sexual intercourse.

Nothing is as disappointing as a man looking forward to having a great time in bed and then disappointment sets in.

Suddenly, the penis begins to function lower than expected.

Erectile dysfunction (inability to maintain an erection) is one thing that often lowers a man’s performance.

For women, a poor sexual health could even be less noticed. But it is embarrassing for a man to be ‘revered’ as a 2-minute-man.

Causes Of Poor Sexual Health

There are several reasons anyone could be experiencing a poor sexual health. Beyond health conditions, lifestyle also plays a role.

That is, the person’s food, drink, and activities could be the reason he or she performs poorly.

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is a physical condition – heart disease. You need the heart to pump enough blood that will help maintain erection.

Other causes are diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and low testosterone.

It could also occur as a result of psychological issues, hormonal imbalance and nerve damage

Some other things that affect sexual health for men and women are too much sugar intake, stress, poor immune system and long sitting time or inactivity.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease could arise as a result of inactivity.

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Addressing this inactivity issue as it relates to sexual health is the reason we wrote this article.

Sedentary lifestyle has increased at this time and it is causing so much issues.

You really do not move as usual. You also sit for too long and this lifestyle is affecting a lot of things. Sadly, one of the places under pressure as you sit is your pelvic area.

Can Exercise Help Address Sexual Health Issues?

Really, since inactivity affects sexual health, swapping it with increased activity could be the magic wand.

Interestingly, several researches have proved that it is possible to address poor sexual performance with exercise.

A 2018 study concluded that there was a positive relationship between physical fitness and sexual health.

“Individuals with sexual dysfunctions, particularly women, who are not persuaded by the currently publicised benefits of physical activity, may be inclined to exercise to improve sexual functioning.”

What Exercises Help?

Basically, one important thing to do is to strengthen the area between your hips that holds your reproductive organs. This is the pelvic region.

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Fortunately, there are exercises that could strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for women.

Men can also explore these exercises to strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle. This muscle allows the penis to get enough blood during erection.

Another thing it does is that it pumps during ejaculation and it helps empty the urethra after urination.

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Kegel exercises are of great benefit to the pelvic floor muscles.

Women who gave birth and are looking to make the pelvic muscle return to normal could explore these exercises.

Also, these exercises promote urinary continence. Check the end of the article to see how these exercises are done.

Aerobics Can Help Too

Men who have erectile dysfunction can benefit from this. A research conducted in 2015 that focused on the impact aerobics could have on sexual performance revealed a lot.

Truly, it makes sense that while you strengthen your pelvic muscle, you should add exercises that would greatly improve blood flow to the penis.

A simple exercise like brisk walking for at least 30 minutes 4 times in a week could do a lot.

Simple Exercises For Weight Loss

It will help the heart pump well and feed the penis with enough blood when the time for sexual intercourse comes.

However, it is important to also bear in mind that while you exercise, you should give attention to your food.

The food you eat could also affect your heart and delay the result that you will get with these corrective exercises.

Rev up your sex life.

Find out how best to do Kegel Exercises here. See other aerobics here.

Kindly share this article with your friends and loved ones to help them know how to address their sexual issues with exercise. 


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