Simple Hair Growth Tricks That Work

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Hair growth could make a woman have concerns that could result in unwanted depressive feelings.

Sometimes, when you look at others you started the hair growth journey with, you feel disappointed.

It is like your own hair is on a retrogressive mode instead. Cask it away from you, and see a turn around.

Sadly, we cannot neglect the fact that the hair of a woman makes statements. If this is not true, wigs will not be selling like essential commodity today.

Some Nigerian ladies even believe they cannot have long hairs because they are Nigerians.

You may have tried so many things to stimulate hair growth, yet none worked.

Really, the truth is that you have not put your mind to work and consider what hair growth is all about.

This article will help you see simple things that you can do to stimulate hair growth.

It is befitting to carry your natural hair. Apart from the beauty, it is kind of in vogue.

Have you heard the statement: “As within, so without” before? If you have, there is a different explanation that we will give to it that will give your hair a turn around.

Hair Growth Tricks

One of the very meaning of that statement is that what is inside is what shows outside.

Really, the very first place to look at when you think ‘hair growth’ is your meal.

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The food you eat could be the reason your hair is not growing.

According to a research, there are nutrients that have to be in your food to experience the kind of hair growth you desire.

Foods For Hair Growth

Vitamins are great sources of nutrients that your hair needs and they are only available in their natural forms in foods that you eat.

Basically, the 2019 study cited above identified Vitamin A, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E as the major vitamins you need for a great hair.

Vitamin A

Some of the foods that are high in this vitamin are liver, fish, broccoli, carrot, flaxseeds. Adding these to your diet sets your hair up for growth and good health.

Molasses is also rich in vitamin A and using it as a sweetener for your tea brings a lot to the hair growth table.


Indeed, so many foods that are available to you contain these vitamins. Milk, cheese, eggs, liver, kidney, chicken, read meat, fish – tuna, mackerel, salmon, oysters and clams are great sources of this vitamins.

Others are dark green vegetables, such as spinach and kale.

Vitamin C

Sadly, to a very large extent, people think orange has the highest amount of vitamin C. But foods like bell pepper, potato, lemon and kiwi have more vitamin C in them.

Add them to your diet once in a while.

Vitamin D

One of the natural sources of this vitamin is the morning sun. Simply exposing yourself to it gives your body this nutrient.

Most of the other food items mentioned earlier also contain this vitamin.

Vitamin E

Almonds, sunflower seeds, butter squash, avocado, spinach, kiwi, broccoli, and others fall in this category.

Others Food Compounds

Interestingly, other food compounds contribute to hair growth and they are iron, zinc and protein.

Eating foods like plantain, chicken legs, red kidney beans, oysters, low fat yoghurt and oat meal will aid hair growth.

External Factors

Also, the kind of cream you use on your hair determines how fast your hair can grow.

Here is the second part of the statement about “as within, so without”. This implies that in the case of hair growth, as you feed the inside, you also need to feed the outside.

This then requires that you really consider the components of the items you apply to your hair.

Beauty plus hair growth cream

Hair Growth Cream Gives Great Result When Combined With Hair Growth Shampoo

Chemical is not friendly to your hair and that is why people who apply relaxer to their hair find that it stops growing at some point. As you comb, it just cuts from the tip.

Hemp For Hair

Of a truth, adding things like hemp in natural creams help. But the cream really has to be natural.

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Shea Butter is one natural hair cream that people look away from. It is rich in vitamins A, E, and F and it also contains antioxidant.

It is something you can add hemp in and then you are good.

Why Hemp Works

People who use hemp do not really know why it works.

Hemp contains vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.

The essential things that make hair grow are in it. It will give you best result when you apply it and cover the hair for some time.

Black Soap

This is one soap that God has blessed Africans with. It contains vitamins.

A 2017 study says black soap made with Shea butter offers protection against UV rays while black soap made with plantains contains a high concentration of iron along with vitamins A and E.

We have also noticed hair growth effect on persons that have used our Hair Growth Shampoo.

While these simple tricks can help you growth your hair, you have to make up your mind and apply them for it to work for you.

Bottom line, natural products are great for your hair and you should give more attention to them.

Kindly share this article with your friends and loved ones to help them know the best way to give their hair that boost. 



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