7 Easy Ways To Cultivate Workout Habit

Easy Ways of cultivating workout habit

Benita wakes up every morning with a wish she could workout. But her hand is faster to grab her phone than it is to grab her skipping rope.

As she scrolls through her wall, her time diminishes. Often, a deluge of contents awaits her consumption.

Her workout time fades away like the stars of the morning and her other routines begin to take over.

Unfortunately, she has not followed any fitness platform just so she could get daily loads of contents on workouts.

That could serve as a reminder, but her mind has not caught it.

Sadly, there are many persons in this situation. However, we want you to know that it is easy to cultivate a workout habit and it is easier than you think.

This simple tweak to how you go about the desire to workout will change everything.

1.     Chose An Appropriate Time

Timing is key in cultivating workout habit. From experience, we have found that exercising in the morning is easier than doing it in the evening.

Fact is, in the evening, you are usually tired and not so motivated to engage in any other activity.

Another fact is that once you miss the evening workout time, your bed is calling and then it is gone for the day.

But exercising in the morning offers you an opportunity to start off with the energy and zeal that you need.

It helps you fire up your body and get it ready for the day’s activities.

Also, decide on the number of days to workout each week and focus on meeting the appointments.

2.      Build The Will-Power

One thing you need to be able to cultivate a workout habit is will-power. Sometimes, it is not easy to form this will-power without a motivating factor.

This makes it necessary that you begin with changing your phone habit in the early hours of the morning.

We recommend that you find fitness coaches and follow them. Ensure they are people who inculcate simple exercises that a beginner can routinely follow without breaking down.

Simple things like picking up your phone after prayer and jumping on a fitness page could be a huge motivating factor.

“People do what people see.” 

Avoid the habit of scrolling through social networks. Just search for the fitness page and jump on it.

3.      Keep Your Kits Ready

One of the discouraging factors is not having your kits ready for the workout. Before you go to bed at night, find the kits and make them ready for you to just slide in and begin.

Seeing them ready in the morning when you wake up motivates you to exercise.

To meet up with this, get different kits that you could wear each day. Just in case you could not wash the one used previously, you have a new one to wear.

4.      Focus On Creating A Habit, Not The Result

Really, it will be a mistake to begin to look at the result that you are getting as you begin your workout routine.

Indeed, we are not saying that measuring progress is not good. Let the measurement be on how many times you have carried out the workout as scheduled for the week.

Sadly, people who want to lose weight often expect to see results in the first few days. But that is not how it works.

The result will come. It will come after you have diligently sustained the workout routine.

5.     Begin With Simple Workouts

You need your muscles to sustain the habit that you are trying to cultivate. For this reason, you will have to begin your routine with light exercises that will not make your muscles weak.

With a weak muscle, you will not be able to exercise for some days and that is a reversal of what you are trying to build.

Light exercises like walking on the spot,  twisting your waist, punching the air and other mild workouts you can think of can help you stay committed while you form the habit.

As you progress, you will begin to add other forms of exercises that will help generate the result you desire.

Sometimes you may not even sweat, but one thing is sure, you are telling your mind there is time for exercise.

6.      Consistently Remind Yourself Of Your Desire

Do you notice how often you wake up at night when you have to catch an early flight or bus?

This is because you have consistently reminded yourself that you are travelling the previous day.

Your subconscious mind has carried on with it and keeps reminding you of what you kept telling it the previous evening.

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Same thing happens when you engage affirmations in the formation of habits.

Really, as you remind yourself that you will exercise in the morning, your conscious mind gets to work and begins to register it in your subconscious mind.

You will wake up with the burden of exercising and until you do it, your mind will keep probing you.

7.      Don’t Skip A Day

Finally, there is just one thing that you must do to build this desired habit. Remain consistent.

Ensure that you will not skip a day. Skipping a day reverses the effect the diligence you had applied had created.

This is the reason we recommend that you begin with simple exercises that will not make you feel pains.

Go in this mind and begin to cultivate your desired workout routine.

Kindly share with your friends and loved ones to help them say healthy always. We Love you. 


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