School Time Breakfast That Keeps Children Smart, Healthy

rolled oats fiesta breakfast

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. This is because Breakfast comes into your system after the night’s fast (while you sleep).

Except an individual is fasting, skipping breakfast is not a good idea. If adults must not skip, then children should always have it.

Sincerely, children benefit from breakfast and you should pay attention to what constitutes their breakfast.

Sometimes, parents run out of ideas and they offer children a particular kind of food for breakfast.

Processed cereals are some of the very common choices that serve as quick fixes.

Sadly, these foods are not often healthy for children because most of them are sweetened and contain preservatives.

A 2018 study recommends that better breakfast diet includes fruit and vegetables and less frequent use of soft drinks.

To help parents make sure their children stay healthy and smart, we have here several breakfast ideas.

Interestingly, these breakfast ideas will benefit parents in Nigeria. Basically, these food items are very available here.

Also, we will explain why this breakfast is great for children and how to prepare them.

While some are easy cooks, some require that you make ready the ingredients you need to prepare then the previous evening. Others you can serve with their favourite beverage ore tea, as most people call it.

1.      Rolled Oats Fiesta

rolled oats fiesta breakfast

Rolled Oats Fiesta

It is one of the easiest breakfasts to prepare for children. Interestingly, oats are great sources of fibre and energy that children need to perform school tasks.

Oats are great for the brain because they contain iron, zinc, potassium and B vitamins.

These nutrients help in brain development and function.

The fiber in oats will also help keep hunger away until the child’s next meal. Every child needs meals that will aid brain development and keep their energy level high while they learn.

See how to prepare this meal here.

2.      Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats Meal

Just like the fiesta, this is also beneficial to school children.

Adding milk to it and honey further improves the nutrient obtained from this meal.

Prepare this rolled oats meal the same way you prepare your quick oats. Add water to pot, add the quantity of oats that will be enough and stir.

Allow to cook for 4 minutes then it is ready. Pour in child’s plate, add milk and honey and then serve.

3.      Oats Pancake And Vegetables

Pancakes and Vegetables

Oats Pancake and vegetables

Take some of the oats and blend it with the part of your blender that handles dry items.

Once it is smooth, pour it in a plate and add other things you want to be in the pancake.

Milk, onions, egg, little salt water and any other ingredient of choice could be added and stirred. Add little amount of olive oil in the pan and add some of the oat mixture. Ensure it is not burnt before you turn it.

Once it is ready, add some vegies (cabbage or lettuce) and it is great for consumption.

4.      Granola And Milk


Granola And Milk

It is often a good breakfast for children. Granola is made from oats and it is also nutritious for Children.

Also, you can buy granola from superstores and prepare it for the child before he leaves for school.

You can prepare some brands of granola with warm water while baked ones could be prepared with room temperature water.

5.     Red Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans

This is a rich source of protein and other nutrients that children need. Really, it should be part of their breakfast once in a while.

Also, red kidney beans contains antioxidants that will help remove free radicals from their body.

See how to prepare here.

6.      Fried Yam, Plantain, Egg And Vegetables

Yam, Plantain And Vegetables

Yam, Plantain And Vegetables

Spicing up children’s breakfast is what makes it interesting for them.

Really, children love colour and the more colours you bring into their meals the better the chances that they will enjoy it.

Also, it is important to add vegetables to their meals as much as possible.

Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that their body needs. They also aid digestion and absorption of food nutrients.

7.     Red Rice Cereal

Red Rice Cereal

Red Rice Cereal

This cereal is made from red rice and it is low in carbohydrate. For children who are becoming obese, this could be a good substitute.

Also, red rice cereal also contains other nutrients that children need for the development of the brain and immune system.

It helps children stay strong and smart. It is also high in fibre and has low glycemic index.

8.       Bread, Egg And Vegetables

Bread, Fried Egg And Vegetables breakfast

Bread, Fried Egg And Vegetables breakfast

This is one of the popular meals that parents offer their children, but not many of them add vegetables.

Basically, it is a great idea to always have vegetables at home in your refrigerator.

You can easily add them to their meals once you have them  handy.

Cucumber, cabbage, carrot, Beetroot, broccoli are some of the vegetables to have at home.

9.      Steamed Potato And Eggs


Steamed Potato And Eggs

Steamed Potato And Eggs

One great thing about this meal is that it is steamed and not fried. This process of preparation makes it very healthy.

Basically, potatoes are rich sources of vitamin C and other nutrients it also contains antioxidants that will help the child’s body fight free radicals.

Slice your potato and add them to your pot. Add little water and steam till it is ready.

Also add little water to your pan and add the eggs like you are frying with water. Add other vegetables and allow to steam. When it is ready, you add drops of olive oil and turn off the heat. Afterwards, serve it.

Indeed, these meals are great for children as breakfast. With their nutrients, they help develop their brain and keep them strong and smart.

Really, we believe these meals will further trigger meal ideas.

Kindly share with your friends and loved ones to help them get meal ideas that will keep their children healthy and smart. 


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