Ceased Menstruation: Major Causes, Remedies

Ceased Menstruation causes and remedies

Ceased menstruation or the absence of monthly menstrual bleeding is a source of concern for ladies. The condition also referred to as Amenorrhea is more worrisome when the lady is married and expecting pregnancy.

It could cause sleepless nights for a lady. Sadly, some ladies are in this situation.

Of a truth, ‘no menstruation’ means pregnancy will be difficult.

Ceased menstruation is more worrisome for ladies who suddenly notice that the flow they are expecting is not coming.

Menstrual flow happens when no sperm fertilises eggs produced and released by the ovary.

Estrogen and progesterone hormones also released by the hormones work together to make the lining of the womb thicken and enable implantation of the egg produced.

When the eggs are not fertilsed the estrogen and progesterone levels decline. This makes the womb lining to fall off.

This is what results on the flow of blood.

Causes Of Ceased Menstruation

Unfortunately, there are different things that could cause ceased menstruation. However, diagnosis is necessary to ascertain the real cause.

1.      Perimenopause

Women who are about to enter the menopause may notice irregularities in their flow.

For instance, women in their 40s and early 50s could notice that their period is ceasing. That is the warning bell, as it seems.

And this could be a normal situation.

2.      Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

This condition is also referred to as premature ovarian failure.

It happens when a woman’s ovaries stop working normally before she is 40.

The older a woman gets, her fertility level drops. Women who are close to 40 and above are more susceptible to this condition.

Unfortunately, this is another onset to menopause.

3.      Eating Disorders

Sadly, these disorders could begin by being over conscious of getting fat.

There are two different forms of eating disorders that could lead to ceased menstruation.

Anorexia Nervosa

Basically, this disorder occurs as a result of obsession about being overweight. People who have this condition are afraid of being overweight. This fear could make them fall below their ideal weight.


Also, people who have this disorder that is potentially life-threatening binge eat. That is, they eat too much and then try to empty their bowel by inducing outflow.
Often, they try vomiting or purging.
Furthermore, this disorder can also mean excessive exercising or fasting.

4.      Excessive Exercise

When a woman over exercises this can affect menstrual flow.

This stresses the need for moderation in the level of exercise that a woman should engage in.

When it becomes excessive, it becomes counter-productive. Remember that too much of everything is bad.

5.      Overweight

Hormones are often involved in weight gain. When there is imbalance in hormones, menstrual flow could cease.

Interestingly, simple weight loss practice have helped some ladies experience a change.

In few days of following our recommendations, their period showed up.

6.      Thyroid Dysfunction

According to a 2019 study, thyroid dysfunction could make a woman’s menstrual flow irregular.

Basically, too much or too little thyroid hormone could result in irregular menstruation.

“Previous studies have reported that hyperthyroid and hypothyroid women experience menstrual irregularities more often compared with euthyroid women,” the study report read.

However, it recommends more research on the issue.

7.      Birth Control Pills, Injections, Implants

Sadly, birth control pills, injections or implants have become top in women’s list when they think of preventing pregnancy.

One of the side effects is that it could trigger irregular menstruation.

This is the reason we recommend natural birth control remedies.

8.      High Prolactin

When a woman’s breast is expressing milk when she is not pregnant or breastfeeding, it is a sign of high prolactin.

This is also another altered hormone level that could also result in irregular menstruation.

9.      Stress

This is one of the reasons people who do 9 to 5 jobs in Lagos and other populated cities, where traffic congestion is regular, could experience irregular menstruation.

Stress alters hormones.

While these are common causes, there are more that could be found here.

Ceased Menstruation Remedies

Looking at the causes above, you could see how much role lifestyle choices play.

Once the menstruation fails to show up for three straight months and you confirm that you are not pregnant, applying few natural remedies could help.

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Also, lifestyle adjustments will also go a long way in correcting this.

1.      Exercise

As much as excessive exercise could cause irregular menstruation, exercise can hep regulate proper blood flow and also aids weight loss. It can address stress and help in weight loss.

2.      Weight Loss

To begin, you need to know what your BMI is and ensure you maintain it.

Since weight gain could make a woman have irregular menstruation, losing weight could help regulate the hormones.

side effects of goron tula overdose

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We often have a different way of helping people lose weight while they enjoy their favourite meals. We know that people have formed habits around their meals and asking them top leave to meals is like asking them to climb a mountain.

Portion control and adjustment of meal plan often yield results.

3.      Hormone Balancing

Getting hormones to be in order by reducing stressors and watching what you eat helps a lot.

Food could aid imbalance of hormones and staying away from food triggers as much as possible is a good idea.

Your hormone is what you need to ensure your menstruation flows regularly.

4.      Natural Products

Natural products which is often offered by our health coach have helped women regain their menstrual flow without side effects.

Once the flow comes back, all we recommend is that you uphold healthy habits and lifestyle and everything will remain normal.

It is easy to reverse ceased menstruation, but you have to do what you have to do to have it back.

Walk back on the same road that led to it and you will find how easy it is to change the circumstance.

However, we do not downplay the role of diagnosis in knowing what the reason for the irregular menstruation is.

Indeed, it is the beginning of the solution everyone who is experiencing a ceased menstruation seeks.

Kindly share this article with your friends and loved ones to help them know simple lifestyle adjustments that can reverse ceased menstruation. 


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