10-Minute Intensity Exercise That Keeps You Healthy

10 minutes intensity exercise that keeps you healthy

“I will exercise tomorrow,” the procrastinator says. To him/her, engaging in intensity exercise is often like taking a tough task of climbing the mountain.

Sadly, the tomorrow often desired is laden with so much burden of carryover exercise time that never comes.

Gradually, body weight increases and the body gets weaker. Yet, they wonder why they are not feeling great like before. It is not really old age that is disturbing you. It is lack of exercise.

Sitting disease is one problem the world is facing which many hospitals lack solution to. The doctor can only give an advice, but the individual has to walk on that road alone to cast this disease out.

Oh, how we wish we could exercise for you while you sit in front of your computer all day. Daily, the number of minutes people give to physical activity depletes.

People get so carried away with the companionship from their mobile phones that they forget we are moving beings. They get so involved with their jobs that they forget their body needs servicing.

Indeed, the importance of intensity exercise as adults can never be wished away.

In fact, the World Health Organization, WHO, recommends that every individual engages in a minimum of 21 minutes exercise daily. This amounts to at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week.

However, if you live in Nigeria, especially in the highly populated cities, 24 hours appear so little.

The 8-8-8 principle (8 hours at work, 8 hours to yourself and 8 hours sleep) never works for many. In fact it has remained a wish. Those who do 9 to 5 are most hit.

Intensity Exercise And Your Health

As a result of this circumstance, many miss their exercise time. This is why we recommend that you spare only 10 minutes of your time to engage in this intensity exercise.

According to the Harvard Medical School, exercise puts nearly every part of the human body to work, and nearly every part of the body responds to regular exercise by getting stronger and healthier.

“Exercise stokes up the metabolism. The tissues become more sensitive to insulin, so blood sugar levels fall and less insulin is needed to keep sugar levels in balance. Regular exercise boosts the HDL (“good”) cholesterol and lowers the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

“By burning calories, exercise reduces body fat — and it’s particularly good at reducing abdominal obesity, which is especially hazardous to health.”

This will service your heart and other parts of your body to help you stay fit and strong.

1.      2 Minutes Walk

walking exercise

Walking Lowers Cancer Risk

Walking is one way to begin an intensity exercise. Studies have shown that walking could help lower risk of certain cancers.

You can start off by ensuring you walk home from a certain distance on your way back from work. Or you can walk around your sitting room at home in the morning before you go to work or once you return from work.

If you are taking the morning or evening session, be sure to follow with the other exercises.

2.      2 Minutes Skipping

Skipping Exercise

Skipping Could Be Done In Your Sitting Room

One of the very easy to get exercise kits is a skipping rope and it comes handy when you are doing a 10 minutes intensity exercise.

You can break and rest for few seconds if you cannot go all out for 2 minutes. Just ensure that at the end of the day the entire skipping time is 2 minutes.

This exercise, like walking, affects many parts of your body, but this time, intensely.

3.      2 Minutes Push Up

push up exercise

Push Up Exercise

Push ups are great for men whose stomach is increasing beyond the healthy waist line. It will help strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and also force the stomach to contract.

Push ups are great for women who want to also lose belly fat after child birth.

It is interesting when you can count the number and be sure to hit a particular mark within the two minutes session.

This form of exercise can also help tone the muscles in the arm (for women who have Christian mother arms), increase breast size and also relax the shoulder area.

4.      2 Minutes Crunch

Crunch Exercise

Crunch Exercise

This exercise is also great for persons who want to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen or lose belly fat after child birth. This works better than push ups for abdomen muscles strengthening.

It will help to also exercise the back bone and keep it strong.

5.      Relax And Take A Deep Breath For 2 Minutes

Relax And Take A Deep Breath

Relax And Take A Deep Breath

Unfortunately, not so many persons know that relaxing during exercise time is also a form of exercise. While you do, engage in breathing exercise, taking a deep breath.

Deep Breathing exercises are great for stress relief. It is one of your bodies strongest self-healing mechanism.

Experts suggest that deep abdominal breathing encourages a beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. It has

A 2005 study linked deep breathing to reduction in blood blood pressure.

These exercises would help anyone stay fit  and strong especially if the person is not above recommended body mass index.

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