Celery: Why Ulcer Healing Is In This Plant

Health benefits of celery

Have you been battling ulcer hoping it will go away some day? Celery may just be one thing you need.

Celery, also known as Apium graveolens L., is an aromatic biennial herb.

It is entirely useful. Celery roots, seeds, leaves and oil are potent.

Ancient physicians have used this plant as aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, and carminative.

Also, celery is a plant from the apiaceae family. The phenolic and antioxidant compounds of this plant have been studied by several scientists.

Some of the researches have found interesting things about this plant and its medicinal powers.

One of the researches showed the potency of celery in the treatment of ulcer.


Ulcer is a health condition some Nigerians face. Stress, poor eating habit, certain drugs (self-medication) are some of the triggers of this condition.

Stomach ulcers also known as gastric ulcers, are painful sores in the stomach lining.

It is sometimes tough, yet easy to deal with. Tough because it has to do with lifestyle and some habits that an individual had formed.

Simple because there are common remedies in form of food items that you can use in the treatment of ulcer.

One place that acidic activities occur daily in human body is the stomach.

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In fact, the inner surface of the stomach is lined by a mucous membrane called gastric mucosa.

The mucosa is covered by a layer of thick mucus secreted by tall columnar epithelial cells.

When this covering wares off, the acid attacks the walls of your intestine and stomach, causing ulcer.

However, with proper treatment, the direct impact of this acid on the walls of the stomach and intestine could be eliminated.

This part of the body also has the ability to heal.  However, the right food must be consumed to aid this healing.

According to a  2008 study, celery contains a potent compound that could replenish depleted gastric wall mucus (GWM).

It read: “Celery extract showed the ability to significantly replenish the ethanol-induced depleted levels of GWM and gastric mucosal.

“The gastric mucosal MDA level was also significantly lowered in extract pretreated rats used in the experiment”.

Why Celery Works For Ulcer

Researchers conducted a preliminary phytochemical screening of the aerial parts of the plant.

It helped determine the presence or absence of alkaloids, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, coumarins, anthraquinones, saponins, volatile oil, volatile bases, cyanogenic glycosides, glucosinolates and sugars in celery.

According to the research, the phytochemical screening of celery showed the presence of various chemical constituents such as flavonoids, tannins, volatile oils, alkaloids, sterols and/or triterpenes.

These antioxidants are anti-inflammatory and could replenish the mucus.

Researchers found a highly significant reduction of ulceration in rats’ stomachs. Also, after celery extract pretreatment at the dose of 500 mg/kg, administered orally, intraluminal bleeding was recorded.

Also, they reporter that celery extract reduced the volume of basal gastric secretion, titratable acidity and ulceration significantly in comparison with the control group.

The researchers concluded that the results suggest that Apium graveolens extract significantly protects the gastric mucosa and suppresses the basal gastric secretion in rats, possibly through its antioxidant potential..

Other Health Benefits Of Celery

Celery also contains other plant compounds like limonene, selinene, frocoumarin glycosides, and vitamins A and C.

These compounds make celery one of the most widely used plants in traditional medicine.

celery for treatment of ulcer

Celery Plant In A Garden

While it has a pleasant smell, it is bitter, but its health benefits are enormous.

The 2008 research mentioned earlier highlighted the health benefits of celery to include relief for indigestion. It also acts as a mild diuretic.

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Also, celery possess anti-flatulent and anti-spasmodic properties. It is helpful in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma and to some extent, liver and spleen diseases.

Celery is great as antispasmodic and in salad.

Also, it is can great for stomach and kidney disorders.

Please, note that this is not to replace any medication you are taking. But, adding it to your diet is a great idea.

Some of our clients who have tried it have reported improvements.

Fortunately, celery is one plant you can get in Nigeria.

All you need to do is ask vegetable sellers. Buy some with roots and plant them in small containers in your compound. this will make them handy for use.

We have helped some of our clients get celery in Lagos and send to their location outside Lagos.

Please, share with your friends and loved ones to enable them know what remedy works for ulcer. 

Williams Osewezina

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