This Is Why Your Weight Is Not Coming Down

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Weight loss is not difficult. It requires a good understanding of few things.

First, you need to know why you are gaining weight and then you need to know the right things to do to lose weight.

Indeed, the principle of gaining more flesh is simple: Energy (calories) intake exceeds energy (calories) expenditure.

It is like putting a small hole at the bottom of a plastic bottle while you pour in water into the bottle with a big cup.  

Some persons have tried different things to come down. However, not many of them know why they are gaining weight in the first place.

Food has been adjusted, but cravings have also canceled out the adjustments that have been made.

This is where the need for the right information comes in.

Why Do You Gain Weight?

Simply put, it is often difficult to identify what actually makes an individual gain weight over time.

The reason is that weight gain often happens over a period of time.

Indeed, a person may gain as much 0.45kg. That is putting it mildly, though. This depends on an individual’s diet and level of activity,

When this calories come into your body, it is expected that they should be dispensed.

It has to go off through the kind of work you do. This work must allow for a balance between calories consumed and calories expended.

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When this balance occurs, weight gain will not happen.

However, your weight will not come down if you do not take some things into consideration.

First, you must know the amount of calories that your body needs. This depends on your age, activity level and few other things.

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Once this is known, you are on your way to dropping some kilograms.

Interestingly, adjusting portion and the kind of food you eat also play a role.

For instance, people buy ‘vegetable’ oil without checking the amount of fat in it. People buy processed foods and drinks without checking what is in it.

This is one reason people go beyond their calories requirement per day.

Truly, the last time you bought your processed products, did you check the label?

Form a habit of reading labels.

For instance, a bottle of soft drink for instance could give you more calories than you could get in a wraps of eba. That is if you are the type that do not eat too much.

Does Gene Really Play A Role?

We know that weight runs in families and many persons will tie their weight to their family tree.

However, a 2003 study of obese persons in the U.S. concluded that genetics cannot account for the increase in overweight observed in the U.S.

“Evidence shows that genetics plays a role in the etiology of overweight and obesity.”

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The research also stated that the cause of weight is “rather behavioral and environmental.”

These factors conspire to induce individuals to engage in too little physical activity and eat too much relative to their energy expenditure.

We had in our previous articles, added as links here, suggested research-based weight loss strategies that work.

You should read the article to gain more knowledge about how best to lose weight.

Kindly share with your friends and loved ones to help them know why they add some kilograms. 

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