Alcohol And Lasting Long During Sex: How True?

Alcohol and lasting long during sex

“I love him, but his problem is ‘lasting long during sex’.” This is a statement we have continued to get from the female folks.

The pain and sadness in their voices are often glaring, yet the solution to the issue is just not a difficult one.

Really, one of the very things that keep relationships going is sex. But not every man is able to satisfy a woman.

This poor satisfaction in bed has resulted in failure of relationships and even marriages.

Sadly, it is easy for a woman to try another man just to get that satisfaction she craves.

Most men do not want to lose their women and they go extra mile in trying to satisfy them.

One thing they run to is alcohol. Indeed, a lot has been said about alcohol and how it helps a man satisfy a woman.

One belief is that alcohol helps men last long during sex. As a result, some men take it when they desire to satisfy a woman.

But does alcohol really make a man able to satisfy a woman?

Paul had brought a lady who sells sex home for a night show, but ended up not even doing anything with her.

Before they left the bar, he had so much alcohol.

He ordered more and more alcohol. In his mind, he imagined how he would do all sorts to her. He wants to hear screams and moans of sexual satisfaction.

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But the story was different in the morning. The lady tapped him, bringing him back to reality. He had spent the night sleeping.

Truth About Alcohol And Lasting Long During Sex

We looked at researches and find out some things that you should know before you take another bottle of alcohol for sexual strength.

What Is In An Alcohol?

The amount of alcohol in the drink that you take depends on the brewing process.

Whether it is beer, wine or gin, the alcohol in them all go through a process of fermentation.

When yeast or bacteria react with the sugars in food, the by-products are ethanol and carbon dioxide.

Some breweries further add sugar to the drink to make it appealing to people who take them.

Alcohol And Lasting Long During Sex

Different researches have been carried out on the effect of alcohol on a man’s sexual health.

Interestingly, they all came out with amazing findings.

A 2007 study was explicit on how alcohol affects a man’s sexual health.

Different issues that could result were also listed.

1.      Premature Ejaculation

Alcohol is additive and we know that when an individual begins to take it, excessive use happens.

The research highlighted that excessive use of alcohol affects the neurons that connect the penis to the brain.

Once this happens, the individual would have premature ejaculation and other poor sexual health issues.

2.      Low Sexual Desire

Also, excessive use of alcohol leads to low sexual drive in an individual.

Excess alcohol in the system clouds the part of the brain that controls sexual desire.

This in turn affects the individual’s desire to have sex.

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This is the case of Paul mentioned earlier. However, moderate use of alcohol could stimulate sexual desire.

Indeed, this is why men want to have sex when they are a bit tipsy.

3.      Erectile Dysfunction

We have in a previous article talked extensively on erectile dysfunction. Excessive use of alcohol, as stated earlier affects the neurons that connect the brain and penis.

This lowers the amount of blood that is pumped to the penis when it is time for sex.

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Also, the sugar content of the beer you take affects sexual health.

Processed sugar and other sweetened drinks affect the sexual health of a man.

4.      Difficulty In Erection

This is the recurrent or persistent, partial or complete failure to attain or maintain an erection until the completion of the sex act.

Also, this is cause by poor blood flow to the penis as a result of excess alcohol in the system.

Bottom Line

The 2007 study reported that 72% of the examined male subjects had one or more sexual dysfunction, the most common being premature ejaculation, low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

According to the study, the amount of alcohol consumed appeared to be the most significant predictor of developing sexual dysfunction.

“Higher levels of alcohol intake may result in greater neurotoxic effects.

“It has been reported that heavy alcohol use may contribute to a reversible vagal neuropathy, which is perhaps reversible on abstinence.

“However, chronic heavy use of alcohol is also known to significantly alter gonadal hormones (sex hormones).”

Basically, men should consume alcohol moderately.

But how many men stop at the moderate level?

Exceeding this moderate level is the reason there is a deterioration after alcohol shows positive impact at the initial stage.

Also worthy of mention is the fact that most of the food we eat are carbohydrates. This also turns to sugar when it digests.

Kindly share this article with your friends and loved ones to help them know the issues that excessive use of alcohol could cause. 

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