Christmas Holiday: 10 Essential Items To Travel With

christmas holiday and things to travel with

Are you or any member of your family planning to travel for Christmas holiday?

Festivity is already in the air, ushering in the Christmas holiday.

The jingles, the decorations and all are reminding us that the season of joy is here.

We are all excited about this season, but the sad thing is that we may be carried away as we prepare.

It makes no sense to travel all the way to your Christmas holiday location and fall ill.

Yes! Some persons could fall ill as a result of change of location, distance travelled and change of meal.

However, being prepared is very important to ensure that you stay healthy and enjoy your holiday.

As you pack your items, there are very basic things that you should add to your box.

We want to remind you of these items. Of a truth, we picked the items based on our good knowledge of Nigeria.

Things To Add To Christmas Holiday Travel Box

We have been to the East, West, North and South and we know essentials that are needed in these locations at this time.

Basically, the things we listed below will help you stay healthy throughout your stay in your new location.

1.      Cardigan or Blanket

The weather is changing. Unfortunately persons in populated cities like Lagos would get a shocker on their arrival.

Harmattan is setting-in in some communities in other parts of the nation. This is why you should travel with your cardigan or blanket to cover yourself at night.


Harmattan in Nigeria is much during Christmas Holiday

A Cardigan Or Blanket Will Keep You Warm

The cold you could experience would be different from what you may have experienced in Lagos.

A cardigan will help you stay warm and avoid illnesses that could come with exposure to cold.

2.      Mosquito Net Or Repellant

Mosquito is in abundance in most communities in Nigeria. As such, you need a mosquito net or repellant.

However, before you use your mosquito net, make sure you wash it and sun it. This will reduce the effect of the chemical in the net on you.

Pack it well and add it to your box. It will help you keep malaria away. Remember that your Christmas holiday is not for nursing a disease.

3.      First Aid Box

You know that every home should have first aid box.

Indeed, this is essential for families that are travelling with children.

Basically, your first aid box should contain cotton wool, methylated spirit, paracetamol for kids and adults (if you take those), plater, and other things you deem necessary.

4.      Honey

Really, this is very essential. It could be used for treatment of wounds and for sweetening of your tea.

So, it serves for consumption and first aid.

Also, honey is an immune booster and a good one will keep flu away.

Ensure that it is an original honey.

5.      Gilead Balm

You need a balm that can help relief any nasal congestion that you may develop as a result of change of location.

Our Gilead Balm has helped some persons get relief from loss of sense of smell, headache, nasal congestion and other breathing related issues.

Having a cup of this balm as you travel for your Christmas holiday will be a good decision. Also, if you can find any other balm, that works, kindly take it along with you.

6.      Immune Booster

Really, you need something that will keep your immune system intact. Doing a long distance journey constitutes stress and it could affect your health.

Having something that could boost your immune system at a time that the weather is changing is very good.

Super immune blend for immune boosting

Super Immune Blend Boost Immune System

Remember that you may be moving from a location with high temperature to a place with low temperature.

This can also affect your health.

With an immune booster, you keep your immune system strong.

If you can get our Super Immune Blend, it will serve you better. But if you can’t, get something that will help keep your immunity strong against illnesses.

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Our immune booster was made after in depth research and it can help you stay strong and healthy throughout the year.

7.      Natural Seasoning Powder

You surely must be preparing for different kinds of meals during your Christmas holiday.

Keeping away your usual seasoning cubes from what you cook is a way to ensure that you do not consume too much processed salt, preservative and MSG this season.

natural seasoning in Nigeria

Natural Seasoning Made From Natural Ingredients

Fortunately, we have a natural seasoning. It is made with crayfish, fish, shrimp and other health bosting spices. You can add it to your travel pack.

8.      Molasses

Interestingly, some ladies will menstruate during this Christmas holiday. Add a bottle of molasses in your box and it will keep menstrual pain away.

A tablespoon of molasses in a glass of water can keep menstrual pain away.

You can also use it as a sweetener for your tea and you will get the same result.

Molasses is good for both men and women. It is a good energy booster.

9.      Healthy Snack

Snacking is one thing people do while travelling. It is easy to buy a bottle of sweetened drink simply because you saw another person buying it.

Sausage rolls and other items are also sold in traffic. Some of these foods are junks and not healthy.

granola in plate. Healthy snack for christmas holiday

Granola In Plate

Having a healthy snack will help you check what you consume.

Add to your box; granola, almond nuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, cracker biscuits and other healthy items you can snack on.

Really, in your new location, it could be boring sometimes and you would feel like chewing something.

Having a healthy snacks handy helps you overcome boredom.

10.    Goron Tula

Finally, travelling with your wife or husband to a new location will call for something special and unforgettable.

Making love in your new place will be a nice adventure, but being ready for this affectionate act is necessary.

Add few goron tula fruits in your pack will be a form of readiness. You know.

side effects of goron tula overdose

Goron Tula Fruits With Juice

Don’t be taken unaware and feel awful afterwards, as a result of your poor performance.

‘Oya’, get ready for an amazing exploit this Christmas holiday.

Please, share with your friends and loved ones to help them add the right items to their boxes.


Williams Osewezina

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