COVID-19 Guidelines: These Will Keep You Safe This New Year

covid-19 guidelines for New Year

There are new COVID-19 guidelines that are necessary, as you celebrate the New Year. They will help you stay safe through a period that Africa has recorded a new strain of COVID-19. This new strain spreads faster experts say.

Like a dream of the night, wishes for the end of 2020 and its COVID-19 troubles are fading away.

Sadly, these wishes are becoming worries. There is a second wave of COVID-19 in Africa and it is slipping into 2021.

It is not just a second wave, but one that has come with a new strain of the deadly virus.

What is happening? many keep asking.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is recoding more deaths, with people we know in the list.

Prior to this time, there were restrictions that slowed down the spread.

However, guards have been let down so that people will have a fun-filled end of year and New Year.

But a period like this calls for caution.

The likelihood that someone at a social gathering could be carrying the SARS-COV-2 virus is directly related to the number of affected persons in your locality or state.

People in places like Lagos and other highly populated cities, with with high COVID-19 cases, should take this seriously.

COVID-19 Guidelines

To help you stay safe, the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) came up with COVID-19 guidelines.

You know that the number of persons that came into Nigeria from foreign nations increased this yuletide, This is a source of worry for some persons.

Also, it is one of the reasons that you should heed the warnings and follow the guidelines.

Indeed, these COVID-19 guidelines are simple and easy to apply.

1.      Grab Your Mask Before You Go Out

By now you should know that your mask is part of your dressing and you should always have one.

It will keep you conscious of what time we are in and help you keep your hand away from your mouth and face.

2.      Add A Sanitiser To Your Accessories

Interestingly, the prices of sanitisers are no longer running off with the speed of light. Get one and hold it with you wherever you go.

In situations where you are not able to wash your hands, use a sanitiser.

4.      Wash Your Hands Regularly

It is time to rekindle the habit of washing your hands regularly.

Despite the presence of a new strain in Nigeria, as reported, washing your hands with soap and running water still works.

Once you get back home from a social gathering, if you must attend one, wash your hands.

5.     Maintain Safe Physical Distance

Indeed, it is safe to keep a distance of 6 feet or 2 metres from the next person. This physical distance is necessary to keep you safe.

6.      Keep Gathering Small

Unfortunately, it may not be easy to stay away from social gatherings, but it is good to keep it small.

The smaller the gathering the lesser the chance of having someone with COVID-19 in your midst.

Social gatherings should be limited to 10 persons this yuletide, experts warned. The lower the risk the better 2021 will be for all of us.

7.     Use Open Air Spaces Or Outside

Also Africa CDC recommended that you should use open spaces, or outside when you gather. Should you have reasons to gather inside a house, make sure it is properly ventilated.

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This will reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19.

8.      Stay At Home If You Are Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms

One more thing in the COVID-19 guidelines is the need to also keep others safe if you have symptoms.

One way to ensure that others are safe is to stay at home and contact NCDC on 0800970000-10 (toll free).

Kindly follow these guidelines to ensure you and your loved ones are safe.

Remember, there are so many New Year celebrations in the future. Only those that are alive will have the opportunity to celebrate.

Williams Osewezina

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