Top 10 Nations With COVID-19 Deaths In African

covid-19 deaths in africa and the cases

A second wave of COVID-19 is in Africa and it is coming with fresh worries. There is a rising COVID-19 deaths in the continent.

Many had wished COVID-19 will just end with 2020 for a new beginning in 2021.

Sadly, this is not the case. The virus is walking into a new year.

In the middle of December, a new wave of the virus began, with new strains of COVID-19 recorded in South Africa and Nigeria.

Indeed, the numbers are changing, calling for more caution and adherence to safety measures and guidelines.

Divided into four regions, different nations are experience the new wave. South Africa has the highest number of deaths as at December 29, 2020.

Updates by the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) bear reports of cases, deaths and recoveries per nation in the four regions.

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Basically, we will give a breakdown of countries that have over 1,000 deaths.

Breakdown Of 10 Nations With Highest COVID-19 Deaths In Africa

South Africa
Cases 1,011,871
Deaths 27,071
Recoveries 849,974

Cases 133,900
Deaths 7,466
Recoveries 110,436

Cases 433,029
Deaths 7,272
Recoveries 399,575

Cases 133,204
Deaths 4,518
Recoveries 101,245

Cases 98,631
Deaths 2,737
Recoveries 66,214

Cases 123,145
Deaths 1,912
Recoveries 109,846

Cases 95,992
Deaths 1,664
Recoveries 77,521

Cases 23,316
Deaths 1,468
Recoveries 13,524

Cases 99,359
Deaths 1,444
Recoveries 70412

Cases 84,811
Deaths 1,264
Recoveries 71,357

In the west, Nigeria is followed by Senegal with 18,806 cases, 395 deaths and 17,096 recoveries.

Also, Democratic Republic of Congo has the highest number of deaths in Central Africa Region with 17,182 cases, 584 deaths and 14,658 recoveries.

Williams Osewezina

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