Why Doctors Won’t Tell You To Lose Weight

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Do you need to lose weight, but wonder why your doctor has not called your attention to it? You are not alone.

Unfortunately, weight gain happens over time and not just once. Sometimes people who gain weight barely notice they are adding weight. All they just know is that they had to buy new clothes and at intervals they increase the size.

It is worse when they have a tailor that designs their clothes.

Sadly, the fashion designer is one persons that should have helped. But he or she is more interested in the measurement than in comparing the previous measurements with the current one.

So your weight gain just goes unnoticed.

Also, some persons do not just like the truth and the fashion designer does not want to lose a customer.

Have you taken time to observe people’s reaction when you tell them they are obese or are adding weight?

Some will reject it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is worse when you tell them they are obese, as indicated by their Body Mass Index (BMI).

Your Doctor Won’t Tell You To Lose Weight

As far as the warning is not coming from their doctor, people will not take caution. They will not try harder to bring the weight down.

But they forget that there is a reason a doctor will not just wake up and tell them to lose weight.

You Don’t Go For Check-ups

In Nigeria, people hardly go for check-up. Some persons self-medicate all through the year and ignore the need for a proper check up.

Knowing their general health status is not what they desire.

“Where is the money to go for check-up,” some will say.

However, when such persons are ill, the money for treatment will be available. They forget that check-up is a way of preventing illnesses.

Please, do not join them for the doctor is boxed to a corner when he does not know your health status. Until you come to him with an ailment he will not know if your weight is contributing.

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Doctors rely on diagnosis to make recommendations.

Most of the chronic diseases that come with weight gain do not give signs before they manifest.

For instance, a person may have high level of bad cholesterol, but will not know until heart issues come.

In Nigeria, our meals are high in carbohydrates and our life is mostly sedentary. We take in so much calories and dispense a little. As a result, those that are not used end up are stored in the body as fat.

If you want to hear from your doctor that you need to lose weight, especially belly fat, you will have to go and see the doctor and ask if your weight is still healthy.

Doctors Feel It Is Body Shaming

Body shaming is another reason doctors avoid telling people who are obese to lose weight.

They have this impression that the person who is fat feels embarrassed when told he or she is fat.

So, they avoid mentioning it.

They could offer you a more serious piece of information first to trigger more concern. Once they notice this concern, they will ask few more questions on lifestyle before they make the suggestion.

However, most of them avoid telling you because they feel you would leave the hospital feeling terrible.

You Won’t Change Even If He Tells You

Again, doctors also have an impression that most persons that are obese know they are obese.

An article on this issue highlights this.

They also have a perception that the habits that resulted in the weight gain will be a tough monster to fight. So, why try to convince a person to lose weight when the person will not lose it.

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Some doctors feel it is like pouring water on a rock and this futile venture is something they avoid.

Everyone who is obese has habits that contributed to the weight gain. If they must lose weight, they have to trash these habits that have been developed over the years.

People do not want to let go of these habits. People who wish they could let go, try for few weeks or months, but because they do not have anyone they are accountable to, they return to their usual lifestyle.

As a result, doctors will simply encourage an obese person to develop healthy lifestyle habits, adopt a balanced diet,  practise on a regular basis any form of exercise that they enjoy, even if it is simply walking.

They want you to be comfortable with yourself.

Bottom Line

If you weight for your doctor to tell you to lose weight, you might as well wait for a long time.

Before your weight results in something you do not wish for, you should get a health coach that you will be accountable to and also remain accountable.

Playing smart will leave you where you are and give you no result. Always do as you are told and you will see your weight gradually begin to come down.

Losing weight should not take you a whole year or even more.


Williams Osewezina

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