How To Use Goron Tula For Menstrual Pain

Have you heard about how people use Goron Tula for menstrual pain relief? If you have not, relax and read this article to the end.

Indeed, one of the best ways to know how effective a thing is, is to use it yourself.

Our health coach, is one person that has consistently used Goron Tula for menstrual pain relief.

She often eats it before the menstrual flow and that way, it gives amazing result.

But for this article to come alive, she waited till the flow began before she ate the fruit.

This is to enable her understand how effective Goron Tula is when the flow is already on.

Goron Tula for menstrual pain relief
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In our earlier article, we gave a vivid explanation of why there is often pain during menstrual flow.

You may want to read that article before this one.

This article will give you more information about: Menstrual Pain: 8 Natural Remedies

Furthermore, we will share our findings about why Goron Tula works.

From our studies of available research material, flavonoids, which are found in Goron Tula, are great for pain relief.

A 2020 study highlights that “flavonoids can block the expression and activation of many cellular regulatory proteins such as cytokines and transcription factors, resulting in diminished cellular inflammatory responses and pain”. (1)

The miracle fruit is known to treat infection, cleans the system and make the body free of antibodies that cause illness.

Basically, this happens as a result of the antioxidants in the fruit.

Infection is one of the reasons a woman could have a very painful menstrual flow.

Also, different researches have identified the role of antioxidants in lowering prostaglandins which play a major role in the wear off of uterine lining. (2) (3)

Once taken before the period flow begins, the antioxidants in Goron Tula go to work and lower the prostaglandin level that your body will produce.

This reduces the pain that often goes with the wear off of the uterine lining.

How To Use Goron Tula For Menstrual Pain

As suggested earlier, all you do is chew the fruit after you must have removed the seeds in it.

You can also extract the juice or syrup and begin to take it 2 to 3 days before the menstrual flow.

We hope this helps you. You can get your Goron Tula from us too here.

If you find this article helpful, kindly share with your female friends that are in their reproductive age to enable them know what to do to eliminate or reduce menstrual pain. 


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