Trying To Conceive: When To Seek Help And What To Do

trying to conceive

Dear woman, if you are Trying To Conceive, there is a lot you will learn from my story. But it will be beneficial to you if you will do the needful.

Women Trying To Conceive go through a lot. The trouble from in-laws, the advises that sometimes sound like mockery. The questions about what the delay is about and more that unsettles her.

Truly, the person advising you may not mean any harm, but being that you have a lot on your mind, it sounds like mockery.

I was in your shoes some years back. But I got tired of the situation and I did what I had to do.

What I did is what I am sharing with you here.

I was Trying To Conceive, but never knew that I was carrying a hand that often catches my ball heading to the goal area and take it over the bar.

In short this hand throws it away to throw-in area.

My prolactin level was high. That alone was a defence, battling pregnancy from happening.

My dear woman, it was not funny.

My marriage was entering its third year and I had no child. I decide to visit a gynaecologist to know what exactly was happening to me.

After discussions, the doctor recommends hormone profiling.

Sadly, this is one area women Trying To Conceive miss it.

They do not even go for profiling after trying for several months.

I Became A Specimen For Prolactin Correction

Fortunately for me, I am a person that studies a lot, so, I know how long a woman should try.

Just in case you don’t know, after 6 months of trying, it is advisable to go for fertility test.

So, I went for this hormone profiling and the result was not friendly.

My prolactin was hitting the roof. I had a chat with the doctor and at the end he gave me some medicine.

Unfortunately, the medicine that was supposed to address the issue did not balance the hormones.

The more I drink them, the more imbalance my hormones become.

This Combination Of Herbs Is One Of The Things I Used That Regulated My Hormones

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Bloom Boost A Woman’s Fertility

I returned to the hospital after the first medication finished and the doctor give me a higher dose and nothing moved.

It was on the day of my return to the hospital for more consultation that I borrowed sense’ (took a drastic decision).

After the test, the doctor gave me more medicine and asked that I come back.

From his statement, I have to go for a brain-related surgery to correct the issue if no positive outcome comes from the latest medicine.

I was gradually becoming a specimen for prolactin correction.

I Got Pregnant

Fortunately, I decided to study more on prolactin and how to correct it naturally.

For those who don’t know, I was expressing breast milk even when I was not pregnant. This is one of the terrible symptoms of high prolactin.

To cut the long story short, I started adjusting lifestyle and my meal and boom, my deliverance came.

Indeed, I returned to the hospital after some months to confirm the feeling I was having.

Low and behold, I was pregnant. Obago!‘ (I have conceived).

High prolactin is one of the issues that ladies who take birth control pills have. Mine was more of stress and lifestyle.

Depression and high blood pressure are also other factors that can push your prolactin up.

Others are chronic liver and kidney disease.

Another symptom that is common is vagina dryness.

Sadly, not all all women Trying To Conceive know that they need their hormone to balance to be able to conceive.

When To Seek Help If You Are Trying To Conceive

We know that a couple could live a great life without children. But in Nigeria, we still like children around.

Truly, procreation is one of the reasons a man and a woman come together as couple.

I also know that some couples decide to enjoy some years together to bond well before children begin to come in.

After 6 Months Of Trying To Conceive

But once a couple reaches an agreement to start making babies, they should begin to try.

But after 6 months of trying and nothing happens, they should seek help.  If you wait till 12 months, you are already classified – infertile (1).

Have You Read About The Major Causes Of Infertility?

I have had discussions with some persons Trying To Conceive and, sometimes, I get a shocker.

Some of them are not sure of what their state is. They have not gone for any medical assessment. All they just do is sit and trust God.

This they do even when the woman has high prolactin.

Lifestyle And Environmental Effects

Unfortunately, there is so much women are exposed to in Nigeria that can affect their chances of conception.

There is exposure to toxins and then there is a high stress level, especially for those who do 9 to 5.

A study linked stress level in both men and women to rise in prolactin level (2).

On the other side is an unhealthy lifestyle that shatters hormones.

Some persons just eat anything they like, not minding how their body will react to it.

All of these come together to determine a woman’s chances of conception.

The address the issue, find a nutritionist or health coach that will help you adjust lifestyle and stay accountable.

This will help you eliminate the foods that are troublesome and add fertility promoting foods.

Age Is A Factor To Consider

Basically, after 20, a woman’s chances of getting pregnant begins to decline.

Unfortunately, the desire to have a great job and contribute to family finance often affect women.

They do their best to keep pregnancy away in line with workplace policies. Sadly, the lost years are never regained.

According to a study, age is perhaps the single most important factor in assessing an ovarian reserve and reflects both the quantity and quality of oocytes.

“Not surprisingly, in IVF cycles, older women tend to produce lesser number of oocytes and embryos derived from them have lower implantation potential.

“Further reflecting on the oocyte quality, women who conceive, experience higher miscarriage rates and increased incidence of congenital anomalies.” (3)

As a woman Trying To Conceive, seeking help early increases the chances of conception.

Making the right decision of adjusting lifestyle and staying by it also contributes immensely to chances of getting result in the shortest possible time.

Would you want me to help you balance your hormones? Kindly chat with me on WhatsApp.

If you find this helpful, kindly share with other women so they know the need to start early when the are trying to conceive. 


Lauren Osewezina

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