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how to eat goron tula

Do you know there is a way to eat goron tula fruit that will give you better satisfaction and result?

First timers are often confused about what to eat and what not to eat.

There are different ways you can eat goron tula fruit. However, people get confused when they find a dry one among the ones they ordered.

Some persons have even thrown the dry ones away, with an assumption that they are bad.

Sadly, the dry goron tula does not have the juice as it should and no one knows if the nutrients are complete in those.

But the interesting thing is that there is a way to eat goron tula to enjoy it.

Getting goron tula from our shop on this website makes it easy for you to understand the best way to use it.

This is because we add a label to the pouch with  ‘how to use’ instructions.

However, if you are not able to get your Goron tula from us, here is what to do.

We have had occasions where people ate it ‘wrongly’.

Whole Goron Tula Fruit

A goron tula fruit contains seeds and a fleshy part (pulp) that is divided into sections.

How to buy goron tula from outside Nigeria. Can a man use Goron Tula

Whole Goron Tula Fruits

Depending on the size, it could have up to 5 or 6 sections when you open it up. Some have just 4.

Unfortunately, some persons eat the flesh and the seed. Some throw the flesh away and eat the seed.

These are signs of confusion.

How To Eat Goron Tula

When you receive your goron tula, it could come dry or a little soft. When it is soft, that is a sign that it has so much juice in it.

To make it easy to open, you might need to soak it in warm water for just 2 minutes. Try to open it from the side that does not have any cover (upper part).

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When you do, you will find the seeds inside.

The Seed

There is no much research on what the seed of the fruit could do or contains. As such, we do not recommend that you eat goron tula seeds.

More so, the seed is a little bitter and that is God’s way of creating a balance. When the flesh of a fruit is sweet, the seeds are often bitter. 

Goron tula seed could be better for diabetics, as it may actually have the power to lower blood sugar level.

Research has nothing on that though.

The Flesh

This is the koko (the most important part), as we say in Nigeria. It is the part that contains the juice that does the work you want to eat goron tula for.

If this part is not soft, you can leave it in warm water for more minutes and observe it.

If it is still hard, then it must have been prematurely harvested.

However, it still contains most of the nutrients, but it will be too hard to chew. Also it may not have that sweet taste.

Indeed, the flesh is sweet and you can eat it for some time. This is one of the reasons we also refer to it as African chewing gum.

Chew it until there is no more juice coming from it and you can throw the chaff away.

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