2 Reliable Natural Ways To Increase Buttocks, Get Wider Hips

Women with great buttocks and hips often steal the show when they walk with others who don’t have such features.

It is not their making. It is just that what men see moves them first before they consider other attributes.

If you desire an increase in your buttocks or hips areas you should relax and read this article to the end.

We have put together all that you need in just two categories.

Your butt could become bigger, with your hips getting a lift if you would do what it takes.

Truly, not every lady you see with a big booty got it from onset. Some their butt and force it out.

There are different research-proven variables that could make a woman’s buttocks increase. But they all fall in two category.

1.      Food And Buttocks Increase

Indeed, your body parts grow to the proportion of the nutrients that they get from the food you eat.

According to research, some foods can increase muscle growth.

Most importantly, you have to eat foods that just increase muscle mass and lower fat level in the buttocks and hips area. Muscles in that area gives you a better shape than fat.

If you have fat in your buttocks it will lack the smoothness and sexy look men love.

The contour that you see on some persons buttocks is as a result of fat in the area and not muscles.

To lose that fat, you have to do something that would eliminate the fat while building muscle mass.

For this purpose, you will have to focus on a diet that has a combination of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and antioxidants.

Basically, protein helps you build energy and muscle mass after exercise. Carbohydrates and others further aid muscle growth and reduce inflammation.

Foods that are high in protein that you should focus on are legumes (red kidney beans, peas, basil). Others are salmon, flax seeds, red rice (rich in antioxidants), avocado, pumpkin seeds, Greek yoghurt and more.

Just look at the nutritional fact of the protein you intend to get.

A study highlights the role of protein in muscle building, highlighting that increased protein intake contributes to greater strength and muscle mass gains when coupled with resistance exercise (1).

Whey Protein

While you increase your protein intake bear in mind that there is a form of protein that works better.

Whey protein is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. You find it when you make Greek yogurt, or cheese. It is yellowish in colour.

According to a study, this form of protein possesses amino acid content that supports metabolic function.

Consumption of whey protein has a robust ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (2).

Maca And Others

Also, there are claims that Maca builds muscle mass. However, there is no research that supports the use of maca in increasing the buttocks and hips.

But we have testimonials from persons who have added maca to their diet and have noticed chances in their buttocks.

Maca and buttocks increase result
Maca Review From A Client

While some add it to their diet, others make a solution from it and apply regularly on their buttocks and hips area.

Olive Oil

Unfortunately, physical exercise induces oxidative stress through production of reactive oxygen species and can cause damage to muscle tissue. This is why exercise can also make someone lose weight.

This form of oxidative stress comes from exhaustive exercise.

However, an improvement of antioxidant defenses of the body may reduce the effect of this damage caused by free radicals.

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Olive Oil is another natural product that researches say plays a role in lowering this form of oxidation.

Extra-virgin olive oil is widely considered to possess anti-oxidative properties (5).

One of the best ways to use olive oil for butt increase is to rub it on the butt and massage.

You can also add it to your meal at the point you want to eat. Cooking reduces the effectiveness of the nutrients that are in the oil.

2.      Exercise

You have heard exercise serval things even when we talk about food.

The buttocks stand on two legs and coincidentally, you also need two barrel gun to get that great hips and buttocks.

squatting exercise for joint pain
Squats And Other Exercises Work Buttocks Increase

Studies have shown that food works together with resistance exercise to give you the needed muscle mass in your buttocks and hips area (3).

To loose the fat in the buttocks area and replace with an amazing curve, you need to engage some form of exercise.

Emphasising the role of exercise, another study says higher-protein diets have been shown to promote gains in muscle mass, especially when paired with resistance training (4).

However, to get it right you have to engage in the right exercises.

Some forms of exercises that help increase the muscle mass in your buttocks and hip area are;

Jumping squats, walking lunge, glute bridge, clamshell, banded side step, single-leg deadlift, weight training and donkey kicks.

You should try them and we are confident that amazing curve you seek will come in few days.

If you find this resourceful, kindly share with your friends and loved ones to help them get their desired shape. 


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