2 Reasons Your Goron Tula Does Not Produce Slimy Juice

how to make goron tula juice

Is your goron tula lacking that very slimy juice that makes it what it is? There is a reasons this juice is missing.

Unfortunately, a fruit without slimy juice may be part of the ones you will buy from sellers. However there are few things that you can do to improve its state.

Also, there are different reasons your fruit may not have this slimy juice and we will give the 2 major reasons.

1.      Premature Goron Tula Fruit 

Goron tula fruits often come in different sizes. While some are very big, some are just small.

But the amazing thing is that among the very small ones, you can still get some that have this slimy juice.

The size here, does not matter, as the small ones may have matured enough for harvest while the big one may not have matured for harvest.

The maturity of the fruit is what determines how much juice it will have.

While we cannot categorically state that an immature goron tula may not give you same nutrient, we can say that it is better for the fruit to be mature.

Unfortunately, in Tula community in Gombe, Nigeria, the fruits are seriously monitored because of theft and there is so much control over it.

Some persons who have the plantation do not wait for everything to mature before they harvest to minimise theft.

This is one reason both the one with juice and without slimy juice are harvested same time.

2.      Poor Preservation Makes The Slimy Juice Dry Up

The way goron tula fruits are preserved could make the juice dry up. The longer the fruits stay without preservation, the dryer they become.

As a result, it becomes so dry that the slimy juice will be unnoticeable.

Find out how to preserve goron tula in our earlier article: How To Preserve Goron Tula To Keep It Fresh

Again, you may buy the goron tula with juice and if you fail to also preserve it, the juice will dry up.

The truth is that this fruit behaves like kola, which also dries up if you fail to preserve it well.

Make The Juice Come Out

You can also make the juice in goron tula come out.

All you have to do to remedy it is to soak it in warm water for some time.

If it had juice before it dried up, it will become soft and the slimy juice will manifest.

If after some minutes in warm water and it does not produce slimy juice, then it must have been harvested before maturity time.


Williams Osewezina

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