How To Extract Goron Tula Juice

how to make goron tula juice

Goron tula juice extract is slimy and unappealing to some persons, yet it is the reason some others love it. You have found ads of this fruits showing off this slimy and thick goron tula juice. This slimy goron tula… Continue Reading


Ogbono: Things To Consider Before You Eat It

ogbono soup and health benefits of ogbono

Have you had Ogbono soup lately? What do you truly know about this delicious soup made from Ogbono seeds? Most times people fail to make an effort to know what goes into their pot. And this is one reason it… Continue Reading


All Health Benefits Of Goron Tula

Goron Tula is good for vagina cleansing and tightening

These are the health benefits of Goron Tula as identified by research. Goron Tula (Hausa) is a miracle fruit that is sometimes referred to as African chewing gum. It has been used to address infertility, cleansing and tightening of the… Continue Reading