About Us

Thank you for your time spent on reading through our research-based articles and for coming here to read about us.

What is life if health challenges will steal an individual’s joy away and leave that individual in tears and anguish?

It is our desire that every family that dearly needs a child will have one.

Thankfully, God has helped us in this regard, giving us testimonies that gladden the heart.

We are an indigenous registered company in Nigeria that helps women and men become more productive – sexually and financially.

We know that when there is health and joy in the heart, everyone performs optimally, creating wealth and touching lives.

For this reason, we devote time to searching out foods that are super for sexual organs and general wellness.

We are totally practicing the dictates of the creator who gave man different plants, grains, fruits, vegetables and animal protein to eat and said they are food and medicine to everyone.

Everything we do is based on food and the power of food to correct ailments, rebuild damaged tissues, and energise the body and sexual organs.

Our Health Coach is one person that has walked the road of hormonal imbalance and infertility and was guided by the Holy Spirit on what to do to overcome.

It is her calling to help other woman too.

Orthodox medicine was not giving the required result, but lifestyle adjustment and food did the magic.

Now she has a near-twin to show for it and she has helped other women in Nigeria find the joy of conception and child bearing.

She has certificates in nutrition, health wellness coaching and has vast knowledge about foods that are healthy for everyone who wants to stay healthy.

At So Healthy Nigeria, we also prepare meal plans for families to help them stay within their Body Mass Index and active.

Also, we have meal plan for diabetics and persons who want to lose weight.

We are present on Instagram and Facebook where we also share tips on foods and drinks that are super for everyone who wants to stay healthy and productive.

We look forward to hearing from you.