Baby Body Care Combination



Our Baby Body Care Combination is an all-in-one body care products for babies.

It is a combination of soothing clay, body shower gel and body cream and together, they nourish your baby’s skin.

Soothing Clay For Baby Body Care

Our soothing clay is made from white native chalk and some other powder components.

It is a baby body care combination that keeps your baby’s skin healthy and smooth and removes blemishes.

Basically, all you do is apply on the baby’s skin after bath. However, you will get the best result if you wet the powder.

Add several pinches in a plate, add few drops of water and then mix them. Take from it and apply on the baby’s skin.

It could be used for the treatment of ‘Ila’ skin rash, heat rash and other skin issues.

Body Shower Gel

Also, our Tender Fresh Baby Shower Gel is an all-natural gel for bathing babies. It is a combination of black soap, natural herbs and oils.

Baby Shower gel gives your baby’s skin that natural and soothing effect, cleansing the skin of dead skin cells and toxins that may be lurking there.

The baby shower gel is made after in depth research into what suits babies skin and keep it fresh and tender.

It does not have side effects since it is made from nature.

Body Butter

Also, in the pack is Tender Fresh Body Butter.

It is great for babies. It is made from Shea butter.

Also, it contains a blend of cocoa butter and other essential oils that blends well into your baby’s skin.

The cream is natural and soothing to your baby’s skin.

Tender Fresh Body Butter helps keep the tender fresh looks.

Basically, our body cream is made for babies and formulated after in depth research on what nourishes your baby’s skin.

We do not expect any side-effect, but if you notice any, kindly send a feedback to us.

There are no preservatives added in any of the products. It is all natural.


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