Effectiveness Of Castor Seeds For Birth Control

castor seeds for birth control

Have you been searching for a reliable birth control remedy? There is something about castor seeds and birth control that you should know. You may have heard some stories about how family planning implants fail some women. People have talked… Continue Reading


Raw Oats: 6 Health Benefits Plus How To Prepare

Here are the great health benefits of Raw Oats

Mary woke up in the morning and her raw oats was the first thing that came to her mind. She cannot miss it for anything, not even when she has heard of the health benefits of raw oats. Before we… Continue Reading


I Smashed My 10Kg Weight Loss Goal In Few Months – Lady

Weight loss programme that works

She is one of our amiable friends and students that have explored our weight loss programme. Her message shared with us on WhatsApp highlights how happy she had become after the programme. In few months, she is looking Extremely different… Continue Reading


Coronavirus: Here Is What To Do When A Stay-At-Home Is Declared

self-isolation and coronavirus

Coronavirus cases are increasing in Nigeria. It is not like we are wishing the nation or its people bad, but were are expecting more cases in coming days. Basically, in most countries where coronavirus has showed up, the number of… Continue Reading


VIDEO: How To Make Natural Immune Booster, For Energy Detox & Stress Relief

How to make natural immune booster and detox

Often, people need natural immune booster to help their body fight free radicals and also boost energy. There are plant-based foods that can help boost you immune system and also detoxify your body. At a time that the world is… Continue Reading


Stress Management: Simple Techniques That Work

stress management

There are stress management techniques that researches have identified as highly effective. Persons who are exposed to stressors should adopt and practice them. Stress is the feeling of emotional or physical tension that arises as a reaction to a challenge… Continue Reading


How To Use Goron Tula When It Is Dry

How to use goron tula when it is dry

Not very many persons are sure of how to use Goron Tula fruit especially when it is dry. Yes! The fruit could be very dry at times to the extent that people who buy them condemn them as ‘BAD’. One… Continue Reading