Spirulina Pack 100g


Our Spirulina pack is a superfood with organic spirulina in it.

Arthrospira platensis, popularly referred to as Spirulina, is a uni-cellular microalgae which grows in fresh water.

It also grows in salt water, as well as in brackish bodies of water.

Also, the green blue algae grows best in highly alkaline environment of pH10-12.

Amazingly, it has been used as food source for centuries and its consumption is increasing in this age and time.

According to reports, spirulina has helped sustain people in famine as food for over a month.

spirulina health benefits and where to buy spirulina in nigeria

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Some persons refer to it as a superfood because of the diverse concentration of nutrients in it.

This nutrients concentration makes it an ideal food for people of different ages and lifestyle.

Nutritional Composition Of Spirulina Pack

It is about 60% highly digestible protein and it is all essential amino acids.

It has more beta-carotene (provitamin A) than any other whole food.

Spirulina is the best whole food source of gamma linolenic acid and it is rich in B vitamins, minerals trace elements, chlorophyll and enzymes.

Find more about the health Benefits here.

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