Tannin In Goron Tula And Cancer Fears

Goron Tula health benefits

Talking about Goron Tula and Cancer, we recently had conversations with several persons. Really, majority of them had fears that ‘Goron Tula could cause cancer. Sadly, this ‘Goron Tula and Cancer’ tales have become an issue of concern. This article… Continue Reading


Goron Tula: Weight Loss Magic Food

Goron Tula is Great For Weight Loss

Goron Tula is a magic food that should find its way into every home. The growing awareness trailing this miracle fruit has consistently triggered fingers to write about it. Our earlier article on this is topping Google search for Goron… Continue Reading


Goron Tula: 11 Health Benefits Of The Miracle Fruit You Should Know

Goron Tula is good for vagina cleansing and tightening

Goron Tula (Hausa) is a miracle fruit that is sometimes referred to as African chewing gum. It has been used to address infertility, cleansing and tightening of the vagina. There are testimonies. The fruit is a genus of 13 flowering… Continue Reading