Penis: How You Can Have Erection For Long

penis and maintaining erection

The penis is one organ that fails some persons when they need it to work. However, not all men know that the performance of the penis is controlled by what they do and the food they feed their body. Why… Continue Reading


Why Doctors Won’t Tell You To Lose Weight

lose Weight in this simple ways

Do you need to lose weight, but wonder why your doctor has not called your attention to it? You are not alone. Unfortunately, weight gain happens over time and not just once. Sometimes people who gain weight barely notice they… Continue Reading


Spirulina: Top Superfood You Never Knew

Health benefits of spirulina

Arthrospira platensis, popularly referred to as Spirulina, is a uni-cellular microalgae which grows in fresh water. It also grows in salt water, as well as in brackish bodies of water. Also, the green blue algae grows best in highly alkaline… Continue Reading


Probiotics: What They Are, How They Boost Your Health

health benefits of probiotics

If you have ever needed something to boost your immune system, probiotics could be your go-to-compound. Probiotics are live microorganisms in fermented foods and cultured milk. Baby foods also contain probiotics in a reasonable amount. We have found that most… Continue Reading


Top 10 Nations With COVID-19 Deaths In African

covid-19 deaths in africa and the cases

A second wave of COVID-19 is in Africa and it is coming with fresh worries. There is a rising COVID-19 deaths in the continent. Many had wished COVID-19 will just end with 2020 for a new beginning in 2021. Sadly,… Continue Reading


COVID-19 Guidelines: These Will Keep You Safe This New Year

covid-19 guidelines for New Year

There are new COVID-19 guidelines that are necessary, as you celebrate the New Year. They will help you stay safe through a period that Africa has recorded a new strain of COVID-19. This new strain spreads faster experts say. Like… Continue Reading


Why Jesus Got Frankincense And Myrrh Gifts

frankincense health benefits

Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ got the Frankincense and Myrrh gifts. You will find answers here. “So it was, that while they were there, the days were completed for her to be delivered. “And she brought forth her… Continue Reading


Christmas Holiday: 10 Essential Items To Travel With

christmas holiday and things to travel with

Are you or any member of your family planning to travel for Christmas holiday? Festivity is already in the air, ushering in the Christmas holiday. The jingles, the decorations and all are reminding us that the season of joy is… Continue Reading


Alcohol And Lasting Long During Sex: How True?

Alcohol and lasting long during sex

“I love him, but his problem is ‘lasting long during sex’.” This is a statement we have continued to get from the female folks. The pain and sadness in their voices are often glaring, yet the solution to the issue… Continue Reading


4 Curable Sexually Transmitted Diseases You Should Avoid

curable sexually transmitted diseases

Sex is sweet, but when sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) come from it, it becomes a bitter experience. Sexually transmitted diseases often leave an individual with statements of regret. Most times, it is the individual’s fault since there was an option… Continue Reading


COVID-19 Vaccine: Trials, Results, Side-effects And Concerns

Covid-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine candidate has come to the world as a big breakthrough. It has above other things poured impetus to the trust in science to proffer solutions to human’s health issues. But the breakthrough has also come with so… Continue Reading


Hernia: All You Should Know

hernia and things you should know

A hernia occurs when a part of an internal organ bulges through a weak area of the muscle that holds it in place. It usually happens in the abdomen, but can also appear in other parts of the body. Although,… Continue Reading


How Boosting Cervical Mucus Increases Pregnancy Chances

Vagina Care secrets you don't know. Cervical mucus

Cervical mucus issues could make a woman have challenges with conception. Doing a few things also, could stimulate a better situation for the hormone that produces the mucus that aids conception. What Is Cervical Mucus? Cervical mucus is a fluid… Continue Reading


Do You Taste Raw Flour? See Why You Should Stop

health risks of testing raw flour or dough

Raw flour (dough) is a necessary ingredient in baking, but it could also be a source of trouble for an individual. People who bake often find it necessary to taste for salt, sugar and  other things. Indeed, for bakers, it… Continue Reading


Goron Tula And Contraceptive: What You Should Know

goron tula and contraceptive implant for family planning

Goron tula and contraceptive combination could be a source of worry for many women. If you want to know how safe it is to eat goron tula when you have contraceptive implant continue reading. Sadly there is no research on… Continue Reading


Iru [Locust Beans]: Here’s What Happens When You Eat It

Iru health benefits you should know

‘Iru’ or African Locust Beans comes in two colours -black and brown. Definitely, you must be more familiar with the already boiled and fermented iru. This fruit used for spicing up foods in Nigeria has a unique odour that makes… Continue Reading


BMI: Why It Matters To Know Yours

How to know your BMI

If you don’t know your Body Mass Index (BMI), kindly read this article to the end. When you do, you will know what BMI means, how to calculate it and how it could affect your health. There are also other… Continue Reading


Teeth Care: What Not Brushing Twice Daily Does To You

teeth care, not brushing twice a day and diseases risk

How many times did you brush your teeth yesterday? Most of us ignore recommended brushing times per day, because we do not see the need to do so. Dentists recommend brushing twice each day. You would feel that you swallowed… Continue Reading


Health Benefits Of Uziza [Piper Guineense]

health Benefits of Uziza

Uziza leaf, piper guineense, is a popular leaf in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is a medicinal plant that has wide application in African traditional medicine. Basically, in this modern age, people add it to soups to boost the… Continue Reading


This Is Why Your Weight Is Not Coming Down

fries and weight gain

Weight loss is not difficult. It requires a good understanding of few things. First, you need to know why you are gaining weight and then you need to know the right things to do to lose weight. Indeed, the principle… Continue Reading


Typhoid Fever And Oral Sex: How True?

erectile dysfunction and remedy for men's sexual health. Oral sex and typhoid

Typhoid fever is caused by a bacteria, Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi. It could come from contaminated food or water. But typhoid could also be acquired through oral or anal sex. Truly, transmission can happen from person to person. In our… Continue Reading


Typhoid: Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies You Should Know

Typhoid fever symptoms home remedies

Typhoid is one of the very common health issues doctors in Nigeria treat. Some times, before diagnosis, people even suggest to them that they have typhoid. One of the reasons Typhoid is common is the poor water supply system in… Continue Reading


Okra: 12 Health Benefits Plus Healthy Way To Prepare

Health Benefits of okra

“Okra” (Abelmoschus esculentus)  is always available in Nigeria and this is one of the gracious foods we are blessed with. You may have been enjoying this soup your own way before now, but have you sat to think about the… Continue Reading


Celery: Why Ulcer Healing Is In This Plant

Health benefits of celery

Have you been battling ulcer hoping it will go away some day? Celery may just be one thing you need. Celery, also known as Apium graveolens L., is an aromatic biennial herb. It is entirely useful. Celery roots, seeds, leaves… Continue Reading


Study Finds Why Use Of Cannabis Is Increasing Among Young Nigerians

cannabis use by young Nigerians

The use of cannabis popularly referred to as skunk or weed in Nigeria has continued to rise. From findings, it is not as sweet as honey in taste, but it could drag someone to the gallows. It is highly addictive… Continue Reading


Facial Skin Ageing: This Technique Will Make You Younger

Intentional Care For Your Skin Lowers Ageing Effect

Ageing shows more on the facial skin. It shows all the changes that have happened to your skin through life. If you have ever desired that your facial skin remained young, the suggestions in this article will help. As some… Continue Reading


How To Extract Goron Tula Juice

how to make goron tula juice

Goron tula juice extract is slimy and unappealing to some persons, yet it is the reason some others love it. You have found ads of this fruits showing off this slimy and thick goron tula juice. This slimy goron tula… Continue Reading


10-Minute Intensity Exercise That Keeps You Healthy

10 minutes intensity exercise that keeps you healthy

“I will exercise tomorrow,” the procrastinator says. To him/her, engaging in intensity exercise is often like taking a tough task of climbing the mountain. Sadly, the tomorrow often desired is laden with so much burden of carryover exercise time that… Continue Reading


#LekkiMassacre: Managing Emotions At Traumatic Times

managing emotions at a time of traumatic event

Emotions are high in Nigeria and we sympathise with families that lost loved ones in the shooting of October 20, 2020. However, managing emotions that are rising is very important now for one to stay sane. It has been tagged… Continue Reading


Protests In Nigeria: 4 Rising Health Concerns To Watch Out

#EndSARS Protests in Nigeria

The decision of the Lagos State government to impose a 24-hour-curfew in the state is like telling protesters in Nigeria to take their protests online.  We are worried about the rising health concerns and also notes that there is need… Continue Reading


Vagina Care: Secrets Of Keeping Clean You Don’t Know

Vagina Care secrets you don't know. Cervical mucus

Do you think you know how to keep your vagina clean? Reading this article to the end will change your perception about how you have been doing it. Also, it will expose your mind to the right way of keeping… Continue Reading


Potty Training: Simple Ways Of Making Your Child Learn Fast

potty training for kids

Potty training is one step forward for kids, as it helps them develop and have a sense of independence. However, the smooth transition, often relies on how well parents understood the process. Indeed, it requires patience and timing, with the… Continue Reading


Natural Breast Enlargement Remedies That Work

Breast enlargement remedies that work

Did you know that breast enlargement is possible with foods as natural remedies? If you understand this, you will not be part of those ladies who desire breast enlargement, and add socks or foam beneath their breast before they wear… Continue Reading


School Time Breakfast That Keeps Children Smart, Healthy

rolled oats fiesta breakfast

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. This is because Breakfast comes into your system after the night’s fast (while you sleep). Except an individual is fasting, skipping breakfast is not a good idea.… Continue Reading


7 Easy Ways To Cultivate Workout Habit

Easy Ways of cultivating workout habit

Benita wakes up every morning with a wish she could workout. But her hand is faster to grab her phone than it is to grab her skipping rope. As she scrolls through her wall, her time diminishes. Often, a deluge… Continue Reading


Simple Hair Growth Tricks That Work

hair growth

Hair growth could make a woman have concerns that could result in unwanted depressive feelings. Sometimes, when you look at others you started the hair growth journey with, you feel disappointed. It is like your own hair is on a… Continue Reading


VIDEO: Weight Loss Meal, How To Prepare Rolled Oats Fiesta

rolled oats fiesta for weight loss

Have you been looking for a nice weight loss meal that you will love? Our rolled oats fiesta is great for you. Rolled oats fiesta is full of fibre and that makes it great for persons who want to lose… Continue Reading