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The health benefits of pomegranate powder are so much for everyone.

In this article, we highlighted eight of these numerous benefits.

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Of Pomegranate

Pomegranate boosts reproductive system and also helps men battle prostate cancer.

This plant is another great gift from God. Different researches have identified its healing power.

Its botanical name is Punica granatum L. It is a long-lived and drought-tolerant plant.

Arid and semiarid zones are popular for growing pomegranate trees.

These trees could be found in Iran, India, and the Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain and Morocco.

Pomegranate is in the categories of berry.  But it belongs to its own botanical family, Punicaceae. The only genus is Punica, with one predominant species called P. granatum.

The inner part of the fruit is also different and it stands out.

Pomegranate is in Africa, but it is rare to find in Nigeria.

However, people have discovered a way of bringing the health benefits of pomegranate to Nigerians.

For instance, in Lagos, you will find pomegranate in powder form.

A 2014 study highlighted that pomegranate juice administration (100 mg/kg) for 4 weeks could reduce the mean arterial blood pressure.

Read more about the health benefits here.

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