Fertility Boosting Foods Pack


This Fertility Boosting Foods pack was put together after careful research on the health benefits of the combination.

Interestingly, the combination has worked for several women who have used it.

In the pack are Maca, Goron Tula and Molasses.

We have testimonies from persons that have used the product and could be sent to you on request if you chat with out Health Coach.

She battled infertility and overcame and now knows how women can overcome this issue that is on the rise.

Women in the north hardly have fertility issues and that is because they eat these things often, according to what they told us in Gombe popular for planting goron tula.


This Fertility Boosting Foods pack is a product of careful research on the health benefits of the combination.

Interestingly, the combination has worked for several women who have used it.

In the pack are Maca, Goron Tula and Molasses. Three super foods that are great for women looking to conceive.


Maca is a Peruvian plant that grows in the Andes mountains.

It is a cruciferous vegetable and it is related to broccoli, cabbage and kale.

Also, Maca powder is the root of the plant that has been blended into a powder form.

You can add it to meals or smoothies.

Maca Powder For Fertility
Maca is rich in Calcium and Iron    Get Maca here

People cook with maca, but is also has health benefits.

Creative Nature Organic Maca Powder is a versatile super food powder that anyone can easily incorporate into various recipes to reap this benefits.

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Furthermore, Maca Powder is also known as “Peruvian Ginseng” and it is rich in various minerals and vitamins.

A few of these are Calcium, Iron and Zinc which are crucial for healthy bones, red blood cells and immune function.

Again, Maca Powder is also high in Iodine and this supports healthy adrenal gland and thyroid function.

It also ensures hormone balance and weight maintenance.

Hormonal imbalance could also cause fertility issues.

Health Benefits Of Maca Powder

This power is mineral-rich and suitable for men and women alike.

Also, Maca Powder raises libido and sex drive. It increases energy levels.

It also improves endurance and mood and may also help with post-menopausal depression and anxiety.

Creative Nature Organic Maca Powder may be the ideal superfood for you.

Health Benefits of Goron Tula

One of the researches we considered says Goron Tula seeds are used as herbal medicine for diseases and ailments such as:

  1. Boost Libido – It is recommended for persons who are experiencing lowered libido as a result of stress or other conditions.
  2. Helps in Vagina lubrication – Goron Tula has been recommended for Women who find it hard to reach orgasm, as it helps in lubrication of the vagina. This is why some ladies prefer to call it vagina tightener.
  3. Chest pains
  4. Cough
  5. Infertility
  6. Liver problems
  7. Menstruation problems
  8. Sexually transmitted infections.
  9. Helps prevent cancer
  10. Lowers Blood Sugar (for diabetics)
  11. Helps prevent High Blood Pressure


Molasses is an iron-rich food and this is why it is a fertility superfood.

Some women face fertility issues as a result of low iron status.

One tablespoon of molasses has almost the same iron content as half of a steak.

Iron is very important for conception. Your body needs it to build nutrient-rich blood.

Also, it helps the body provide adequate blood flow to the ovaries and uterus.

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