11 Healthy Foods Can Save You And The World – Research

Flax seeds and goron tula pumpkin seeds

Yes! some healthy foods can keep you healthy and at the same time save the world of the climate change palaver. The next time you take that spoon of rice to eat, consider the result of this research highlighted in… Continue Reading


Red Kidney Beans And Its Many Health Benefits For You

Red Kidney Beans in pack

Red Kidney Beans are part of the very nutritious grains that nature blessed humans with. The beans are from the variety of the common bean called Phaseolus Vulgaris Legume. It is called kidney beans because it looked so much like… Continue Reading


How Maca Boosts Sexual Health, Fertility And More

maca root and fertility boosting

Maca has continued to gain more attention lately due to its power to boost sexual health in both men and women. Researches have showed how this superfood could affect the sexual drive of both sexes. However, it is often a… Continue Reading


Hormonal Imbalance: 5 Natural Remedies That Work

broccoli as a natural remedy for hormonal imbalance. Best Way To Eat Vegetables

Hormonal imbalance could make an individual’s life unpleasant, and for women, it means a lot when they are at child bearing age. This hormonal imbalance issue is an experience Bola does not like to remember. However, she chose to share… Continue Reading


All Health Benefits Of Goron Tula

Goron Tula is good for vagina cleansing and tightening

Kindly follow us on Instagram These are the health benefits of Goron Tula as identified by researchers and the testimonials you will see here will confirm the reports of their researches. Goron Tula (Hausa) is a miracle fruit that is… Continue Reading


Green Coffee: 5 Amazing Health Benefits

green coffee

Green Coffee Beans are great seeds with a number of health benefits for you. It is a regular coffee bean that has not been roasted. The beans are raw and its extract is popular as a dietary supplement. Basically, you… Continue Reading


Belly Fat: 3 Reasons You Need To Blast It

Weight and the accumulation of fat around the belly region, popularly referred to as belly fat, is something that everyone should give attention to. It does not only disfigure your shape, but it leaves you at risk of various health… Continue Reading