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Watch a video that explains the benefits of Goron Tula, considering its components.

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contains multiple classes of compounds such as:


Amino acids

Ascorbic acid


Cyanogenic glucosides




Saponins Tannins

This compounds all contribute to why the seed has been described as a miracle fruit.

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Goron Tula has been described as a miracle fruit.

Goron Tula (Hausa), sometimes referred to as African chewing gum is also known as Thespesia, Silky Kola or Azanza Garckeana.

It is a genus of 13 flowering shrubs and trees in the Hibiscus family.

However, this article is not particular about the origin of the tree, but what it offers every human who would munch its fruits.

The fruit is growing in popularity because of the health benefits it offers and these have been identified by researches which would be quoted in this article.

Health Benefits

Goron Tula is Great For Weight Loss

Ready To Eat Goron Tula

Also referred to as snot apple, the fruit is edible and it is mostly found in Tula, a community in Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State.

It is also found in Michika, a community in Adamawa State,  all in Nigeria.

According to a research by Alfred Maroyi published on Science Alert, Goron Tula(Azanza Garckeana) is also traditionally used to treat or manage at least 22 human diseases and ailments”.

“Multiple classes of compounds including alkaloids, amino acids, ascorbic acid, carotenoids, cyanogenic glucosides, flavonoids, lipids, phenols, saponins and tannins have been isolated from Azanza garckeana.

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The research says Goron Tula seeds are used as herbal medicine for diseases and ailments such as:

  1. Boost Libido – It is recommended for persons who are experiencing lowered libido as a result of stress or other conditions.
  2. Helps in Vagina lubrication – Goron Tula has been recommended for Women who find it hard to reach orgasm, as it helps in lubrication of the vagina. This is why some ladies prefer to call it vagina tightener.
  3. Chest pains
  4. Cough
  5. Infertility
  6. Liver problems
  7. Menstruation problems
  8. Sexually transmitted infections.
  9. Helps prevent cancer
  10. Lowers Blood Sugar (for diabetics)
  11. Helps prevent High Blood Pressure

Because of these compounds in the seed, it is widely recommended to people who are waiting to conceive.

It can be used as a fertility enhancer.

A research published on Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare recommends that it should be encouraged for women.

Research stated that it would minimize the dependence on synthetic drugs as fertility enhancing agents.

Daily Trust also quoted a nutritionist, Miss Chidera Ezenwafor, as saying that the fruit is a miracle seed that can also assist in improving bowel movement, ease digestion and improve the body immune system.

Goron Tula is safe for consumption across all ages.

How To Use

It can be chewed raw, after extracting the seed.

Goron Tula fruits could be soaked in a small amount of water to make jelly.

They can also be boiled and used as relish or made into porridge.

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