Bitter Herbs: Why God Wants You To Eat Them Often

bitter herbs are nutritious

If we ask you to mention bitter herbs that you have taken in the last one month, how many can you name? The bitter leaf may just be the only one you can mention. The reason because you hardly eat… Continue Reading


Celery: Why Ulcer Healing Is In This Plant

Health benefits of celery

Have you been battling ulcer hoping it will go away some day? Celery may just be one thing you need. Celery, also known as Apium graveolens L., is an aromatic biennial herb. It is entirely useful. Celery roots, seeds, leaves… Continue Reading


Study Finds Why Use Of Cannabis Is Increasing Among Young Nigerians

cannabis use by young Nigerians

The use of cannabis popularly referred to as skunk or weed in Nigeria has continued to rise. From findings, it is not as sweet as honey in taste, but it could drag someone to the gallows. It is highly addictive… Continue Reading