Protests In Nigeria: 4 Rising Health Concerns To Watch Out

#EndSARS Protests in Nigeria

The decision of the Lagos State government to impose a 24-hour-curfew in the state is like telling protesters in Nigeria to take their protests online.  We are worried about the rising health concerns and also notes that there is need… Continue Reading


Potty Training: Simple Ways Of Making Your Child Learn Fast

potty training for kids

Potty training is one step forward for kids, as it helps them develop and have a sense of independence. However, the smooth transition, often relies on how well parents understood the process. Indeed, it requires patience and timing, with the… Continue Reading


Natural Breast Enlargement Remedies That Work

Breast enlargement remedies that work

Did you know that breast enlargement is possible with foods as natural remedies? If you understand this, you will not be part of those ladies who desire breast enlargement, and add socks or foam beneath their breast before they wear… Continue Reading


School Time Breakfast That Keeps Children Smart, Healthy

rolled oats fiesta breakfast

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. This is because Breakfast comes into your system after the night’s fast (while you sleep). Except an individual is fasting, skipping breakfast is not a good idea.… Continue Reading


7 Easy Ways To Cultivate Workout Habit

Easy Ways of cultivating workout habit

Benita wakes up every morning with a wish she could workout. But her hand is faster to grab her phone than it is to grab her skipping rope. As she scrolls through her wall, her time diminishes. Often, a deluge… Continue Reading


Simple Hair Growth Tricks That Work

hair growth

Hair growth could make a woman have concerns that could result in unwanted depressive feelings. Sometimes, when you look at others you started the hair growth journey with, you feel disappointed. It is like your own hair is on a… Continue Reading


This Is Why You Think Healthy Foods Are Expensive

breakfast meal Choice and Christmas healthy foods ideas

People have continued with an impression that healthy foods are expensive. They believe that these healthy foods are out of reach of someone who wants to live on them. Sadly, the perception is backed by the cost of living in… Continue Reading


Colon Cancer: 7 Things You Should Know

colon cancer

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the large intestine (colon) which is the final part of the digestive tract. It is also known as Colorectal cancer. Sadly, colon cancer which usually affects adults typically, has adjusted… Continue Reading


Simple Exercises That Can Improve Your Sexual Health

exercises that can improve sexual health

A good sexual health is one of the most important things everyone should have. It could tear a relationship apart and scatter a marriage. Also, a poor sexual health could even make a man shudder when it is time for… Continue Reading


School Resumption: COVID-19 Tips To Keep Children Safe

school resumption in Nigeria

School resumption is kicking in gradually and parents are beginning to make that hard decision of letting their children go back to school. It is over four months since students last attended physical classes in Nigeria, as a result of… Continue Reading


Training: Yoghurt Making At Home In 5 Minutes

yoghurt making

We are offering a yoghurt making class to our followers and readers. It will hold on WhatsApp. Yoghurt is good and one of the reasons you should take is the nutrients it contains. It is the multiplication of healthy or… Continue Reading